A week at a glance is the new way homework is being assigned for students, but its difference in features in comparison to Google Calendar may greatly affect how students do their homework.

By: James Rose

Covid-19 has led to many teachers assigning homework through a week at a glance, but how does this affect students? 

A week at a glance is a Google Doc that shows what is being done during school and for homework in a class for a certain week.

 This has seemed to replace the old method of using Google Calendar, which gave students a calendar that showed when all their homework assignments were assigned and when their due dates were. 

“I like Google Calendar but now it doesn’t really work anymore because half the teachers don’t post on it,” Freshman Elliot Rodgers said. 

 This idea of Google Calendar not working anymore comes from how one of Google Calendar’s biggest strengths is that if everyone posts on it, all homework due can be found on one convenient site.

 This is in contrast with week at a glance, where each teacher has an individual google doc on their classroom.

 As Freshman Elliot Rogers put it later, “[with Google Calendar]I don’t have to scroll through each individual classroom to look at what work I need to do.” 

 This point about the individual classrooms is compounded by how these google docs are generally in different places on google classroom and how a  forgetful student may pass over a google classroom and miss an assignment. 

That’s not the only confusing part about these google docs, though, because the fact that many teachers write homework when they’re assigned instead of when they’re due may cause problems for some students.

 Freshman Aiden Cabic noted how this had caused problems in the past for him whilst finding homework for his classes.  

This problem is only for people who check homework by looking at the schedule for the due date but that may be a large portion of students. 

Organization issues aren’t exclusively a problem for week at a glances, though. 

Freshman Aiden cabic pointed out how Google Calendar can be hard to understand when filled with too many assignments.

 This shows how every teacher using Google Calendar can have its drawbacks. 

Week at a glance also has a few benefits of its own.

 As Senior  Gillian Brown said ,“if I have soccer on a weekday, I can do the homework beforehand.”

 The advantage of using google docs in this case is that a busy student can see an assignment on Monday that may have only been assigned Wednesday on Google Calendar, giving more time to finish it. 

The number of advantages and disadvantages these two systems have leads to it being difficult to predict which one helps students the most as a collective, But we can use this info to guess about groups of people.

 Another point senior Gillian Brown brought up was how week at a glances may help disorganized students or others that do not write down their homework.

 This argument may be true as it is less likely a teacher may not put an assignment on there “week at a glance.”

 Similar statements could also be made for students  who put in the time to check all  their homework, as many of the problems people have with week at a glances involve the time sink.

 Regardless of these interpretations, it seems as if what negatively affects students the most is a lack of consistency.

 As Freshman Elliot Rogers put it, “It’s just that teachers always post stuff in completely different places… it’s not optimal”