October Car of the Month: Brenden Levey’s Nissan Altima


“Car of the Month” is an immaculate award, presented only to the most pristine and deserving cars to roll across the CFHS campus.  

For the first edition of the year, after careful consideration, it has been decided that senior Brenden Levey will receive the award for his unique and personality filled 2007 Nissan Altima.

“It’s an honor to receive this award,” Levey humbly attested. “I’m proud of my car and am happy to see it receive the recognition that it deserves.”

Since receiving the car from his mother after turning sixteen, Levey has put over 10,000 miles on top of the 125,000 that he inherited the car with.

“To say that it has been reliable would be an understatement,” he explained. “I have yet to be stranded, and keep my fingers crossed I never will be.”

Most importantly, the influence of his car reaches much further than Brenden himself.  Brenden’s role on the soccer team expanded the reach of his car tenfold.

“Riding home after practice has been the highlight of my day many times,” sophomore soccer star Kenny Clark recounted.  “Climbing into the back of Brenden’s Altima feels comforting. It feels like home.”

The plush seats and premium quality deliver a riding experience like no other.  

Senior Luke Volpe was granted the rare opportunity to drive this amazing car.

“Driving the Altima was the most fun I have ever had behind the wheel,” described Volpe.  “The car really whips compared to my Honda.”

The Altima doesn’t shy away from performance by any measure.  Packing a naturally aspirated, 3.5 litre V6 mated to a six speed manual transmission, the Altima pushes out roughly 270 brake horsepower and propels the car from 0-60mph in just under seven seconds.

“I’ve had friends offer to drag race me,” Levey explained.  “However, when they realize what they’re up against they quickly retract the invitation.”

These performance numbers, although impressive, don’t stack up to the memories made in the 5 seats inside.

“My favorite memories have been made behind the wheel,” Levey recounted. “Every homecoming dance, soccer game, and night out, has ended within the doors of my car.”

When asked about the iconic dent on the left rear fender Levey embraced the knick with pride.

“It adds character,” he said.  “My mom backed into the car in the same spot 3 times, and each time it added another level to the personality.”

Proud to hold this prestigious award, and revered by his peers for his exceptional car, Levey graciously accepted the position, and when asked to give advice to the next recipient responded with, “Work hard and stay focused.  You never set out to accomplish dreams this big but if you persevere and don’t look back you can achieve anything.”

Clark also sent his congratulations to Levey by attesting that, “There is nobody more deserving than Brenden,” and concluded with, “and no car more deserving than his Altima.”