Disappointed, but Confident


Boys Chagrin Golf took fourth at the CVC post-tournament with freshman Sven Nielson leading the way shooting a low of 88.

 The extremely competitive tournament was held at Quail Hollow Country Club on September 21. 

Many of the tigers believed they have had better days on the green. 

“We might’ve had 3-4 guys make first-team CVC if we played like the regular season, but since none of us really played well in the final tourney we only had one,” said Richard Higley, a senior leader on this team.

Nielsen gained first-team all CVC honors and was a star on varsity all year. While Senior Robert Shron shot 94 and earned second-team all CVC. 

In addition to being first-team at the tournament, Nielson succeeded all year. He shot a low for the team multiple times and truly grew into a great player as the year developed. Mostly though, his success came from long hours in the midst of Covid-19. 

“Over the summer I played daily in preparation to play Varsity. During COVID, it was one of the few sports that I could play safely so I took advantage of that,” said Sven. Within the next couple of years, Nielson will definitely be a force to reckon with. 

Head coach Anne Caja said throughout the season the team made quantum jumps, 

“We had two freshmen make the varsity squad and one JV freshman earn some varsity playing time. Therefore, from the beginning of the season to date, each player has improved various aspects of their game that comes from playing at a higher level.”

Even with such improvements made, the tigers were a bit disappointed at the results on September 21,  but many of them remained confident in their team’s ability.

“We were definitely the best in the CVC, but when everything comes down to one day it’s not gonna give you a great idea of the regular season,” said Higley.

Although this tournament doesn’t give a great representation of the tigers, their regular season might! The boy’s varsity had an impressive regular-season record of 7-4 competing against many top teams in the area. Even the JV had much success with a record of 8-4.

Despite winning the majority of the matches for both teams in the regular season, Nielson realizes that not everything is about winning.

“Playing golf with the team is very enjoyable, as everyone has fun while competing for a win.  After a win or a loss, everybody enjoys each other’s company,” said Nielson. Helping realize what sports are really about… having fun. 

Despite not performing up to par, the Tigers still have a great team relationship. They built throughout the many matches and after school practices.

Nielson said being a freshman, “I was hesitant to play with upperclassmen but everyone is very kind and friendly to each other.”

Golf might be an individual sport, but the environment created by the tigers allows many players to succeed. With such a unique season, the team made the best of the time on the green. 

The hiccup at CVC’s Caja said it was a bit of a disappointment, but overall she is proud of her team’s efforts throughout the season. 

Although everything seems to be wrapping up, the Tigers still have upcoming sectionals. With few tournaments left, Coach Caja realizes the appreciation she has for her team. 

She described this year’s team in a few words as “Passionate about the game, eager to learn, competitive yet supportive of each other.”