Saying Hello to Mrs. Hamilton


As a new school year came rolling in, so did a new guidance counselor: Mrs. Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton is the newest edition to our CFHS staff and family, taking over for Mr. Immarino after retirement. 

Mrs. Hamilton has taught at a variety of schools and also taught different curriculum as well, making her the top candidate for the job. 

“Prior to being a high school counselor, I taught high school math and was a school counselor at an elementary school. Different but a lot of fun!” Mrs. Hamilton said. 

This plentiful experience will help her reach the students and Assistant Principal Ms. Rassi hopes this will give her the upper hand. 

“She had worked at a lot of different places, which is really cool. This will definitely help her not just with the school but to connect with the students,” Ms. Rassi said. 

Her extra experience will help with the challenge of counseling high school students , but amidst COVID-19 a new challenge to do it all arose very quickly. Mrs. Hamilton was excited to take on this challenge.

“COVID-19 has definitely changed how we communicate with the students. I still hope to meet with students face-to-face as much as possible but, I am also becoming very comfortable with video calls,” she said. 

Mrs. Hamilton has been able to meet with numerous seniors regarding college and the application process, including senior Paula Loudermilk, who enjoyed her meeting with Mrs. Hamilton.

“She was really nice and helpful on what I need to do next for my college process, I look forward to meeting with her again when the chance arises,” Loudermilk stated. 

These meetings help seniors have a checklist of the college process and allow them to move forward efficiently. Mrs. Hamilton is also a part of the link crew committee with Ms. Rassi, which has been a fun experience for both. 

“I have really enjoyed having Mrs. Hamilton on the Link Crew Staff, she is an excellent addition and brings a lot to the table after the retirement of Mr. Immarino,” Mrs.Rassi said. 

Mrs. Hamilton has a lot of interesting connections to CFHS in unexpected ways, Ms.Rassi was very excited to see this overlap of the Chagrin family. 

“Mrs. Hamilton actually taught at the same school as Mr. Immarino in the past really showing the perfect fit she was for the job,” Ms. Rassi.  

Mrs. Hamilton is excited to jump into the year and meet students.

I am loving CFHS so far! Everyone has been so welcoming, and I am enjoying getting to meet the students this past week!,” she said.