Superintendent Dr. Robert Hunt Announces 2020-21 District Theme


On August 17, Superintendent Dr. Hunt announced the district-wide theme CFEVS ConnectED for the 2020-21 school year.
Reopening after the pandemic hit in the spring, Dr. Hunt explained his reasoning behind the theme chosen for this year, as students and staff return to school with a mixture of in-person and online classes.
“I try to come up with a theme every year that is relevant to what is going on in the district. I felt like everyone last March worked really hard,” Dr. Hunt explained. “However, the connection piece between students and teachers and students to other students was really something we started to see as problematic for not only educating students but from a social aspect as well.”
Dr. Hunt emphasized the importance of the social and emotional connection that comes with education. He wants to use the beginning of the school year to reestablish the relationships between teachers and students.
Dr. Hunt expressed some of his desires for students, staff, and families for the school year.
“My goals are to reconnect with our students and staff, as well as identifying any learning gaps that took place,” Dr. Hunt stated.
After identifying any learning gaps, Dr. Hunt explained that he wants to provide the necessary interventions or services in the safest way.
Dr. Hunt indicated that the community helped make this year’s education throughout the district more successful than he could ever hope for during a time like this.
“I think that’s probably been really one of the greatest parts of this is watching everyone come together to get past this,” Dr. Hunt said. “I can give you concrete examples of individuals stepping forward and purchasing all of the technology that we have in classrooms: new Chromebook, new cameras, retrofitted classrooms, that all came from an individual donor who stepped forward and wanted to help. So, to watch somebody make that sacrifice and step forward is tremendous.”
Besides financially sacrificing, parents have also sacrificed a lot. Working parents have given up their time to balance work and helping their kids with online schooling.
Dr. Hunt described the benefits of technology during this new way of online educating.
“I think that the work we had done with technology leading up to this was vitally important. The governor closed on a Wednesday, and I think by that next Monday we were up and running in virtual classrooms,” Dr. Hunt explained. “So just our access and our ability to have access for our students certainly set us up for a successful transition.”
He also emphasized that virtual learning cannot replace live instruction; however, he hopes that they can continue to improve technology to make learning more flexible for students.
CFHS principal Ms. Asher expressed her excitement for the return of students at the high school and the meaning the district theme has on her.
“The theme of being connected to one another has never been more important than it is right now. There were little things I certainly took for granted that made the spring so much more challenging, like the ability to just pop into someone’s classroom and say hello,” Ms. Asher stated.
She further explained her gratitude for the return of school in terms of face to face communication, as well as the ability to see students and staff in person.
Similar to Dr. Hunt, Ms. Asher has some own goals for students and staff of her own, especially when it comes to human interaction.
“I think even more so than the theme, there are so many more things that I hope students and staff take away from this year,” Ms. Asher explained. “I think the number one thing is having the ability to build relationships, and I think we’ve seen the importance of relationships.”
Building off of those relationships, Ms. Asher expressed her desire for students to see their teachers succeed and fail in many ways throughout the year.
“I hope that you guys, as students, watch us try things, and not only watch us succeed, but also watch us fail and recover. Learn to be resilient and I think staff can set good examples for students,” Ms. Asher said. “Realizing that sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it to the first time, but you keep trying, and tomorrow’s a new day.”
Furthermore, Ms. Asher hopes to see students become more independent and responsible as they get closer to adulthood.
“It’s not just about the content, it’s also about learning how you learn as an individual. Figuring out how to organize your time, how to balance classes. All of that kind of soft skills that maybe you just learn by default but aren’t really necessarily taught in school, “ Ms. Asher explained. “I want to see you guys learn how to become independent and manage your time in those ways because I think that’s the largest part of being an adult is learning to prioritize and manage.”
Even more so, she wants students and staff to take each day one step at a time. She wants them to try and fail, try new ways to solve problems, give up on certain methods, and try something new. In the end, you can try a million times and still be successful.
From a teacher’s perspective, science teacher Mr. Price explained that working together is crucial to the success of education during this difficult time.
“My goal for my students is for them to realize the challenge that we face and to make the absolute most out of it,” Mr. Price said. “Taking the time to grow and learn in this time is also what I want for me, and my hope is that working with each other will make us all that much stronger on the other side.”
Mr. Price explained the difficulties he has faced, as a science teacher, since the return of school at the end of August.
“Well, the laboratory experience has definitely been one of the biggest changes for me. It takes a bit of creativity now to ensure everyone gets the hands-on experience that they need,” Mr. Price stated. “But thanks to the excellent work ethic and determination of my students it has managed to be a rewarding challenge.”


He then stressed his thankfulness for technology and the impact it has had on education during this time.
“Without technology, this would not be possible,” Mr. Price said. “I shudder to think about what we would do without some of the devices and software we have access to, and I’m thankful to have the ability to teach safely because of them.”
He further explained that between teaching in the classroom and virtually, this year’s theme emphasizes the importance of community.
In addition, Dr. Hunt adds that he wishes to see the community continue to come together, to support, encourage, and strengthen each other.
“This is totally a new environment and it can cause stress, and people coming together and helping each other is really what’s going to allow us to be successful moving forward,” Dr. Hunt said.