Sonic movie released and has great success


The Sonic the hedgehog movie was released in theaters February 14 and had great success in theaters. 

By: Owen Potter

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie premiered January 25, 2020. The Sonic movie was released into theaters in February and has been receiving great reviews. The movie is a collaboration between Paramount pictures and the Sega Sammy Group.

The movie follows Sega’s blue mascot Sonic on his adventures in our world. The story follows him on his journey while being hunted by the nefarious Dr. Robotnic played by Jim Carrey. On the way Sonic teams up with an ally Thomas Michael played by James Marsden. The story continues with Sonic and Thomas travelling to San Francisco while Dr. Robotnic chases them with his highly advanced robots to catch Sonic for unknown reasons.

Sonics first appearance was in 1991 in a video game featuring him. There have been about seventy games featuring him. The movie and video game don’t connect well together as both seem to have their own diverging story from one point. While the video games follow Sonic on his many heroic adventures in different worlds with his other animal inspired friends, the movie follows Sonic as the only anthropomorphic animal in existence which brings up questions about him from the other characters in the movie.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie made a total of $140.8 million in the U.S and Canada combined and grossed a total of $295.6 million worldwide. The movie cost Paramount around $90 million but it could have been more because of the redesign for Sonic.

Sonic in the original trailer was more human than hedgehog and when the trailer released onto the internet it was mocked constantly. The teeth and eyes were almost human along with his arms and legs being more human like as well. Thankfully Paramount listened to its fans and changed the design.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is a great movie that has a ton of pop culture references that are hard to miss. The movie while very enjoyable does bring some risky jokes that would fly over kids head but lands its mark with the older fans of the series. Some promotions in the film are out dated as the release date pushed back because the redesign and so most don’t work anymore even as a joke. All together the Sonic movie is a great film to watch.