Spring Musical Brings The Drowsy Chaperone


On March 12-14 Chagrin Falls High School will present The Drowsy Chaperone in the PAC theatre. 

The show is about a mix between two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man and many other characters that are put together for an interesting night. 

The musical will differ from last year due to not only the plot, but the structure of the show as well. 

Sophomore Jane Peck, an ensemble dancer for the show, is excited because the different style and storyline is what makes the performance much more exciting. 

“It is very different from last year, it is more acting than dance based so it allows for people to work on their acting skills,” 

Peck is one of the many people in the show, although the size is smaller than last year. The director, Sarah Lynn Bailey, is very excited about the different talents of the students that will be displayed within the musical. 

“Mr. Bachofsky, chorus director, and myself wanted to make sure we chose a show that challenged the students as well as showcased their collective and individual talents.” 

Mrs. Bailey believes that due to the smaller cast size the commitment is greater than ever. Peck agrees that the cast is what makes the show truly special. 

“Everyone is so supportive of each other and the overall atmosphere in this musical is really great” Peck states. 

Assistant director, Junior Emma Donnellan, feels like seniors are really making the show special this year. 

“This will be the last show the seniors will ever do, although that makes me super sad, I am excited to see the seniors do their thing one last time together,” Donnellan said. 

Mrs. Bailey believes that this musical will remind people to laugh at themselves and keep moving forward. 

“In any case, this show offers many chances for these students to “show-off” (You’ll understand that reference when you come see the show!). Don’t miss it!” Mrs. Bailey says.