Top Picks for Laptops in College


With college approaching soon for many high school students, some have set out to purchase new computers in an attempt to better prepare themselves for the start of their college education. 

Whether you’re looking for the fastest processing device on the market, or perhaps something relatively inexpensive, “The Tiger Times” has compiled a list of the most notable technology currently for sale, considering overall processing power, portability, and price points as our variables.

For those looking to utilize Apple’s macOS Catalina, consider purchasing either the 13-inch 2019 MacBook Pro or the 13.3-inch 2019 MacBook Air. Both boast Intel’s eighth generation processors, as well as a varied amount of SSD storage and RAM. Starting at $1,299, the MacBook Pro offers three upgradeable options, ranging upwards to $3,099 in total. With a starting price of $1,099, the MacBook Air offers two upgradeable options, ranging upwards to $1,899 respectively. Although older models may be available for cheaper, the 2019 models offer specs capable of lasting throughout the entirety of college, regardless of any workload or course selection.

As for portability, the MacBook Pro weighs in around 3.02 pounds, while the MacBook Air weighs around 2.75 pounds. An unfortunate downside to Apple devices is the tedious adapters required to use basic functions, such as USB ports. Despite this seemingly minor issue, either of the newest generation MacBooks will provide the user with the technology capable of lasting for years, although packaged with a steep initial investment.

Perfect for anybody seeking to use Microsoft’s Windows 10, the 2019 HP Envy 13 is a fast performing laptop ideal for college students of any major. Packing Intel’s eighth generation processors, either Intel’s UHD Graphics or Nvidia’s GeForce MX250, and upwards to 16GB of RAM, the HP Envy 13 is one of the strongest devices for the price. Starting at $729 and ranging upwards to $1,999 in total, the 2019 Envy 13 is notable for it’s high scoring graphics performance, bright display, and solid battery life. The device itself features a simplistic, lightweight chassis that weighs in at 2.8 pounds. Unfortunately, the laptop is lacking a Thunderbolt 3 port, although this is a somewhat minor complaint with the device altogether. Overall, the HP Envy 13 is a laptop well suited for anyone wanting to utilize Windows 10 throughout their undergraduate education.

For anybody looking for maximum portability or convenience, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 boasts new generation specs for an affordable price point. Utilizing Intel’s Ice Lake processors, the Surface Pro 7 is perfect for artists and students alike. Being another iteration of Microsoft’s two-in-one tablet, the device features a touchscreen that can be used similar to a tablet when necessary. The Surface Pro includes a well-implemented kickstand that allows the device to be flipped and manipulated. The device also includes USB-C ports with it’s most recent release; a complaint received from previous Surface Pros. Starting at $749 and being upgradeable to $1,358 in total, the Surface Pro 7 is ideal for students traveling abroad. Weighing only 1.7 pounds, the Surface Pro is most attractive for it’s portability.

Whether you’re studying engineering or graphic design, no matter which laptop you choose, any of the options listed will be more than adequate for lasting through all four years of college.