Student Wellness Activities Team Kicks off at CFHS


According to one in five teens suffers from mental illness. Teens are forced to cope with everyday stressors such as school, relationships, family troubles, social media or chronic illness without being taught a way to handle this stress. That’s why CFHS Junior Madeline Davis founded the Student Wellness Activities Team (S.W.A.T).
The S.W.A.T. club was first started last year by a small group of students who suffer from either mental health problems or daily stressful situations. The club’s goal was to create healthy ways for teens to handle their stress and anxieties.
“There is a great need for promoting mental and physical wellness in our community and for reducing stigma around mental health issues,” said founder Davis.
The S.W.A.T. group’s main goal is to organize fun activities throughout the school day to promote wellness and decrease stress. Two past ideas were service dogs during midterms and finals as well as having a Swensons food truck come during midterms and finals. In the future, the S.W.A.T. club is planning several more activities. These include a penny war to raise money for mental health organizations such as LifeAct, SAY, or NAMI. S.W.A.T. is also planning to bring in service dogs after spring break to help decrease stress about returning to school.
Davis also has many other goals for the group in the future such as, “yoga, walks or hikes during tiger period, nap time, creating a mural, and movie or showtime breaks.”
Additionally, 7-12 RtI Coordinator, Mrs. Heintzelman has many great plans for the group to expand over the upcoming years. One of Mrs. Heintzelman’s goals includes seeing the club become more widely known around the school and increase student participation.
Heintzelman even hopes to introduce, “a permanent service dog at the school and create a safe space for students who struggle with mental health and stress to go and unwind.”
Heintzelman and Davis both share the same drive to get the word out about the S.W.A.T. club and all that it can do to help the CFHS students. There are no set days that the club meets, they announce upcoming meetings during morning announcements. Although the club is new this year, there has been very positive feedback from the staff and the students about the club activities.