March Madness Mania


March is the most important and exciting time in Men’s College Basketball for one reason; March Madness. 

The annual basketball tournament consists of the best 64 teams all across college basketball in division one starts on March 17.

“I love March Madness. It is so exciting and you just never know what is going to happen each game,” said junior Xavier Perez. 

Due to such large numbers of teams, and the amount of games played, upsets occur frequently. 

Although it is nearly impossible to pick the correct winner, there are many teams who have done exceptionally well in the regular season. 

“I really believe Kansas could win it all. They’ve had a great season and I think they can keep it rolling in the tournament,” said junior Clayton Pilotti.

Kansas is the number one team in college basketball with a record of 26-3. They recently gained the number one spot with a 64-61 win over the formerly ranked number one team, Baylor. 

Although, there are many teams who have risen throughout the season and exceed their expectations. For example, the San Diego State Aztecs have done particularly well this season. 

“San Diego State has a good chance to win it all, they’ve been underdogs the whole season and now they can show how good they are,” said Perez. 

San Diego State is currently ranked number five in the nation with an outstanding record of 28-1. The Aztecs were unranked in the preseason polls and have become one of the teams to watch. 

Despite no top five teams, one conference has done extremely well this season. It is the Big Ten. 

“The Big Ten is so good this year, all the teams are so close in skill level and they all just compete with each other everyday,” said junior Emily Collins. 

The Big Ten is projected to have around ten teams make the tournament, with the second closest conference the Pac 12 projected to have seven teams. 

The Big Ten also has some teams who could make it far in the tournament and turn some heads. 

“I really think Ohio State is having a good run at the end of the season, which helps them going toward the tournament,” said Collins. 

Ohio State climbed the rankings all the way up to number two, although during the middle of the season they fell to unranked due to losing five of six games. Although, now ranked number 23, due to winning five of their last six games with a most recent win over number 19, Michigan. 

Although, it is nearly impossible to predict March Madness. No one has ever correctly picked the perfect bracket. 

“College basketball is exciting and March Madness just brings so much uncertainty. I cannot wait to watch the games this year,” said Pilotti. 

March Madness is one of the most unpredictable times in all of sports, although that is what makes it fun. For example, only one of the four number one seeds in the tournament made it to the final four last year. 

“March Madness gets me so excited for the whole month of March. It really is an iconic tournament that will never disappoint,” said Perez.