Cavs Head Coach John Beilein Resigns


Cleveland Cavaliers head coach John Beilein resigned from the team on Wednesday, February 19 after accumulating a 14-40 record, worst in the Eastern Conference. Cavs general manager Koby Altman has elevated associate head coach J.B. Bickerstaff to head coach. 

Beilein was in his first season with the Cavs and had signed a five-year contract worth about $20 million. 

CFHS senior basketball player Jacob Baraona was surprised with the early exit from Beilien. 

“When Beilein left his coaching legacy in college to work with the Cavs it seemed that he would be in it for the long-run. Obviously, the job was not for him,” Baraona said. 

Beilein has coached basketball for 45 years and over 1,300 games. His most previous stint before the Cavs was as head coach for the Michigan Wolverines which lasted 12 years. In Ann Arbor, he led a record of 278-150. 

According to the Cavaliers, Beilein explained in a statement about the reasons behind his early exit. Beilein found that the losing was very challenging for him and that it took a much greater toll on him than he expected. He was worried about the toll it would take on his health and his family’s well-being in the future. Beilein believed that he could not coach to the best of his abilities and it was unfair to the players and staff to continue coaching. 

CFHS senior Michigan superfan Cameron Owen has attended multiple Wolverine basketball games in the past while Beilein was head coach. 

“Beilein transformed Michigan basketball into a national powerhouse. Every time I watched them play they were a well-coached, fundamental team. Beilein will always be respected and go down as one of the best coaches in basketball,” Owen said. 

Quickly after Beilein left, rumors began that the players did not agree with his way of coaching and that he treated them more as kids and not paid professionals.  

The Cavs recently acquired two-time NBA All-Star Andre Drummond in early February and he reportedly had no desire to stay in Cleveland under Beilein, hinting towards not resigning with the team after his contract expires at the end of the season. 

Three-sport CFHS senior Hanne Wilson does not agree with the ways the players treated Beilein. 

“As an athlete you are supposed to respect the coach of your team. It is childish when these professional players think they control the team more than their coach,” Wilson said. 

Tension began between Beilein and the players during an incident in January where Beilein referred to the players as if they were playing like “a bunch of thugs” in a film session. He apologized and said he had meant to say “slugs” instead. 

After Beilein’s resignation, he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren over the following months. 

“I hope Beilein enjoys his time with his family and can find another job that is right for him, and hopefully the Cavs can turn it around in upcoming years,” Baraona said.