Baseball Season Swings Into Action During Spring Break


As the month of March begins, students at CFHS can begin to look forward to one of the most anticipated times of the year: spring break. 

This year, Chagrin’s spring break will take place from March 21 through March 29, giving students a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming spring. 

“That’s when the competition starts,” said assistant baseball coach Mr. Scott, referring to the annual trip taken by the baseball team over spring break. 

The team treks to Myrtle Beach together to practice and play with other teams from all over the country, finally getting a chance to put their skills into action. Continuing, Coach Scott said, “All the time that’s been spent…is definitely a grind…but when you’re going on that trip, you’re packing your uniform.”

For the players, the trip provides an exciting opportunity to work towards some common goals to kick off the season.

“We definitely want to win all of our games and scrimmages while down there, and we also just want to see everyone come together as a team,” said senior Hank Weiss, who will be going to Myrtle for the fourth year in a row. 

However, the team also gets a chance to relax and work on their own hobbies, with Weiss “looking forward to improving my spikeball game and hopefully dominating in team paintball.”

While the coaches definitely encourage this type of relaxed atmosphere, they also like to make sure the team stays focused when it comes time for practices and games. Fortunately, they are not too worried about their players buckling down.  

“We’ve continued to have great leadership…our program is not a rec program and they know that so they’re focused,” said varsity head coach Mr. Sweeney, praising his team’s dedication. “They get their down time and they can have fun but…when it’s time to play or time to practice…these guys are ready to go.”

Coach Scott echoed this trust in his players and attributed it to the work the team puts in before break begins. 

“The culture is already ingrained in them…when you get down there, you’re in Chagrin Baseball mode…it automatically happens because it’s been built up over time,” he stated. 

While the trip does have its many benefits for the baseball program, there are a few challenges that must be overcome to make sure it’s a success. 

“At the beginning, getting everybody on board with going on spring break with the baseball team every year” can be difficult, according to Coach Sweeney, “but once we got it as a baseball thing that we do each and every year it’s pretty smooth…everybody kind of knows coming into the program that that’s what we do…[and it is] probably the highlight of most kids baseball career.”

In terms of logistics, Coach Sweeney highlighted the importance of “fundraising for it,” while Coach Scott mentioned that it’s “not always the best scenario with location; rooms have a mile walk between them” some years, making it tough to keep the players organized. 

However, overall, the trip remains one of the highlights of the baseball season, with certain traditions and customs that occur every year. 

“I just think it’s great to get everybody together…we’re all on a bus together, we have to hang out together, we eat together…the camaraderie of it as a team building process, there’s nothing better,” said Coach Sweeney. Continuing, he said that for the coaches, “it’s cool to be taking our sons…that’s definitely a highlight that we get to hang out with our boys when we’re down there.” 

The players have their fair share of favorite Myrtle Beach staples as well. 

Weiss highlighted his excitement for “Playing live games in good weather on good fields, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, 2 am Quiplash games, and Kyle Z’s juicy burgers.”

When it comes down to it, the baseball program greatly values their spring break together.

“The trip is a ton of fun on and off the field, and also just a great way to get ready for the season,” said Weiss, emphasizing the preparation and relaxation that play into the trek to Myrtle.