Coach Anderson earns 150 wins


photo courtesy of Charlie Barch’s Twitter.

On Saturday, February 1, varsity basketball Coach Brittany Anderson led the lady tigers to victory with a record-breaking 150 wins.

With a 48-34 win against Orange at home, Coach Anderson continues to instruct and motivate the girl’s basketball team for playoffs.

“Coach Anderson has been such a great trainer this season. She has helped me not only grow as a basketball player but as an individual, too,” stated Belle DiFranco. 

For her final season at CFHS, DiFranco explained how phenomenal her coach has been since the start of her basketball career.

Not only does the coach help train and encourage the team, so do the team captains.

“Our captains obviously lead the team. We all are so close and we respect each other, so the upperclassmen help guide the team,” said Peyton Gellin.

Sophomore Peyton Gellin further explains how the team captains are secondary leaders to the coach and help keep the team close.

Because of the tight-knit bond between the players outside of practices and games, it creates fantastic communication skills on the court.

“We’ve really come together especially in the last couple of games, and to make sure we’re making the extra pass and finding the open player, and I think communication on defense has been a lot better than it has been at the start of the season. We’re starting to gel, which is great going into playoffs,” Coach Anderson said.

The team has worked hard in order to strategically plan out their executions in games in order to prepare for playoffs.

Throughout the season, the basketball team practices every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to ensure a good game on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“Practices are always a good balance of fun and focus. We usually work on game day preparations for practice before the game. We will clear any confusion we have and make sure we feel 100% confident going into game day,” said Gellin.

Practices allow the players to have fun while learning new procedures and improving their skills on the court.

Additionally, Coach Anderson highlights how good defense will set up for success on the offensive side.

“When we place a major emphasis on defense and communication and how that can turn into good things on the offensive end of the floor, we also emphasize fundamentals. If we can do the little things right, then the big picture things will come together for us in games and we can play a complete 32 minutes and be successful,” stated Coach Anderson.

By focusing on fundamentals, the team can have a victorious game if they complete small tasks and build off of them.

“I feel like it’s not about me, I feel like it’s another game and it’s another win. It just says I’ve been doing this for too long. It’s a major milestone, and I’m proud of what the team has done to get to this point because ultimately it’s about the girls and the people that I work with every day. So, this is their accomplishment too,” said Coach Anderson.

Coach Anderson stays proud of her team because of the hard work that they put in each day. This is an achievement for the team as a whole.

“Coach Anderson has helped me not only grow as a basketball player but as an individual too,” DiFranco said.