Parasite Movie Review

Parasite Movie Review

The South Korean film, “Parasite”, came out on October 5th, 2019 although, it remains in theaters until today. The movie stunned viewers and critics with a great film. 

The movie, directed by Bong Joon-ho, dominated the 2020 Oscars as it won both best picture and best director. If someone has not yet seen the film, it is definitely one to watch. 

”I loved how the movie portrayed the problems with the class system, it really makes you think,” said junior Tate Yonker. 

“Parasite” attempts to portray the issues with class discrimination throughout the story. It allows the viewer to think and learn about real life while it is also entertaining. 

The movie starts out with an extremely poor family who struggles with money and jobs constantly. The son in his family takes it upon himself to find his family jobs as a source of income. 

The family members really make the viewer feel what they’re going through. 

“I really thought the family was interesting, the upbeat personalities of the children really makes the movie fun to watch. Although, you also feel sympathetic toward the family as they struggle with money,” said junior Xavier Perez.

The family consists of four people, a husband, wife, son, and daughter. With the father recently getting laid off the children use their wits to provide for their family. They eventually use deception to trick an ultra rich family into giving the whole family jobs. 

Although, the rich family does not know their workers are related. Throughout the movie, the family tries to hide their lack of money in attempt to retain their jobs. 

“It is just crazy to me all the family goes through to attempt to keep their job. It really showed how important the job was to them. It puts things into perspective,” said Yonker. 

The family in “Parasite” goes through a lot, not only with their job but also with their own family. Struggles with money, problems with their small apartment, and troubles of trying to keep their true identities hidden causes the family to go through some crazy events. 

The many problems shown in the movie makes the viewer watch on the edge of their seat as they attempt to figure out what the solution to the most recent problem is. 

“The insanity of the movie while it is still being so simple and easy to understand really makes it awesome. I also loved the twist,” said junior Olivia Nerpouni. 

“Parasite” contains a surprising twist which makes the viewers love the movie so much. As a result of the mysterious twist some could even call the movie a thriller. I wish I could tell the surprise, although the only way to find out is to go see it. 

Overall, the movie is great and I would recommend it to anyone. Many might be turned off to the movie just because it is in Korean and the only English is the subtitles. Although, within five minutes it is hard to even notice the different language. Therefore, it is important to go out of the comfort zone and see this award winning movie. 

“I really enjoyed the whole movie, at first I was hesitant to see it but I would recommend it to anyone. The language barrier is hardly an issue at all,” said Perez. 

“Parasite” got a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and 96% on Metacritic (100% being the best), therefore, there are many critics and people all over who loved the movie.  

“‘Parasite’ is an all around amazing movie and easily one of the best movies of the year,” said Yonker.