Best Valentine’s Day Gifts


Heart Shaped Waffles

With the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day, coming up on February 14, we must bring up the age old question: What present should I buy my loved one? Well, no need to fear “The Tiger Times” is here to help. 

While most people go with the basic chocolate and flowers approach, it is important to be unique. Therefore, to help your significant other feel like the most important person in the world, we have some gifts to help. 

“I love Valentine’s Day, you can really feel the love in the air. Although, I usually just buy chocolates as a present and I can never find another gift,” said junior Olivia Nerpouni.

Buying chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day present and a quality present, too. Who could be mad while opening up a box to find the sweet glorious chocolate? 

Although, there are certain gifts to spice up the normal, boring gift of chocolate. 

There is no better way to fulfill someone’s sweet tooth than with donuts. Instead of giving boring flowers and chocolates, try giving them a donut bouquet for just $49.99 from Harry and David. 

The shock of the loved ones face would make the slightly expensive gift well worth it. The donut bouquet is the perfect substitution for boring chocolate while still keeping it classy. 

“I always attempt to buy a unique gift for Valentine’s Day. I want to buy a gift that no one has ever seen before,” said freshman Max Crandall. 

Well, if it is a unique gift that someone wants for Valentine’s Day, the Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker is just the gift for that. With only a small price of $14.99 off of Amazon, the waffle maker would be the perfect unique present. 

There is no better feeling in the world than waking up on a nice cozy morning to mini heart shaped waffles made by the Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker. It is a gift that will never be forgotten. 

“I always want a gift that I can use over and over again. I don’t want just a one time use gift” said Nerpouni. 

A great gift that will send a couple on many travels for years to come is The Date Night Bucket List. This small container for $18.00 from Uncommon Goods provides prompts for future dates on popsicle sticks for a couple. Packed in a small container, such a simple idea could lead to many adventures.

Also, this gift will last for a long time and avoids future conflicts of deciding where to go while also being a good Valentine’s Day gift. 

“I always buy a stuffed animal for the people around me. Although, I want to look for something that is a little nicer,” said junior Julius Lelonis. 

A stuffed animal is a good gift for loved ones. It is comforting, cute, and an all around good gift. Although, if someone wants something a little nicer, a luxury teddy bear is the solution. The perfect gift for this situation is a Rose Flower Teddy Bear for $23.99 off of Amazon. 

The Rose Flower Teddy Bear is a teddy bear which appears to be made out of roses. It is a great gift for a significant other and could easily turn the boring gift of a normal teddy bear into a quality one. 

Although, these are some great ideas for gifts, any gift that comes out of love is a great one. Just keep that in mind during Valentine’s Day. 

“Valentine’s Day is a great holiday and I’m excited to see what I can come up with for gifts during the holiday,” said Crandall.