New teacher here at CFHS


There is a new teacher here, Mr. Brad Negulescu takes on Mr. Serluco’s old classes

By staff writer Owen Potter


With sophomore social studies Mr. Serluco retired, the school needed a long term replacement. In December, Mr. Brad Negulescu was hired as a long-term substitute teacher.

Mr. Negulescu is now teaching sociology, economics and social studies here at CFHS. 

Although he is new to CFHS, Mr. Negulescu has taught before. 

“I have taught at two schools: Saint Joseph Academy and Cleveland Central Catholic,” Mr. Negulescu said. 

Mr. Negulescu taught at Saint Joseph Academy for six years and Cleveland Central Catholic for their last semester at both he taught social studies.

When Mr. Negulescu was asked about how he felt being at a new school, he answered, “Scary. I don’t like change much so coming into a new environment is always intimidating.”

However, he believes that the atmosphere at CFHS is very welcoming. He seems to be able to understand students on a close level which makes his job easier. Teaching somewhere new can be daunting but it has been going pretty smoothly mostly in thanks to the students.

When Negulescu was asked about what brought him to Chagrin he stated, “I had always heard what a good school it was and thought that I would love to be a part of that.”

Chagrin is a very nice place for teachers. This makes it easy to help out the students.

When asked about his long term goals at Chagrin, Mr. Negulescu responded, “I’m just subbing until I figure out what the next step is.” 

More than 100 students have Mr. Negulescu class. 

When senior Jonathan Mares was asked what he knew about Mr. Brad Negulescu he responded with “Mr. Negulescu is here since Mr. Serluco retired he is here to fill in for him. He is also really into sociology and about teaching it to us”.

There isn’t too much information about Mr. Negulescu but some students have noticed a few things about him.

While questioned about what he knew about Mr. Negulescu.

Mares stated “I don’t know too much since I haven’t had him as a teacher for too long but I do know that he is passionate about teaching.”

Mr. Negulescu is still new to CFHS so for now students will have to wait to learn more about him.

However students do still seem to pick up on some traits.

When asked about Mr. Negulescu’s teaching style Senior Connor Lordan, “He is very energetic with anything he does,” stated Lordan.

Mr. Negulescu seems to be energetic with his students. 

Since Mr. Negulescu has three different classes the students will have a different perspective on him compared to other students in different classes.

When asked about his thoughts on Mr. Negulescu Lordan answered “I think he’s very nice and definitely knows how to get you to think,” stated Lordan.

Mr. Negulescu seems to be a very caring teacher that really enjoys making his students think.