Tennis Season Commences with Australian Open


Roger Federer prepares to hit a backhand.

With qualifiers wrapping up, the Australian Open is just days away starting on January 20, 2020. 

The Australian Open, which is played at Melbourne Park, marks the start of the professional tennis season and is the first of four major tournaments. 

Junior Jackson Quinn, who is a tennis star on the men’s tennis team, loves the Australian Open.

“I am very excited for the Australian Open to start. I really enjoy watching tennis and seeing the season begin again brings a smile to my face,” said Quinn.

The Australian Open is one of two majors played on hardcourt, which is also the most common type of court. 

“It makes me really hyped, seeing the pros play their first tournament makes me want to play tennis myself,” said junior Ian Zitney.

Last year Serbian Novak Djokovic defeated Rafael Nadal in the finals of the Australian Open.

While Djokovic attempts to defend his title, this upcoming tournament could be extremely important, especially for Nadal.  

“I really hope Nadal can pull this win off and tie Roger Federer for most major tournament wins in all of men’s tennis,” said Quinn.

38-year-old Roger Feder leads all of men’s tennis with a record of 20 major tournament wins. Although, Nadal is closing in with 19. 

With two major tournament wins last year, Nadal looks for win number 20 at the Australian Open to tie Federer.

“I want Roger Federer to win the Australian Open. I want him to extend his record of most major tournament wins. He played really well last year and I hope he can get another major win with this tournament ” said Zitney.

Despite Nadal’s push for the title, Roger Federer is still going strong. 

Federer was runner up at Wimbledon last year and also was in the semi-finals at the French Open. Federer looks to add another win under his belt at the 2020 Australian Open. Although, junior Aerin Krebs has different views on her favorite to win the Open.

“I hope Novak Djokavic wins the Australian Open, he’s been playing really well recently and I think he could easily win this one,” said Krebs. 

Novak Djokavic is currently ranked number two in the world, behind Nadal who ranks number one, with Federer ranking closely behind Djokavic at number three. Djokavic has won 16 majors and is one of the favorites to win the Australian Open.

Although, not all is running smoothly with the Australian Open. 

“I hope the fires will stop soon and hopefully it doesn’t become a problem for the Australian Open. Qualifiers have already been suspended because of smoke hopefully the actual tournament will be ok,” said Quinn. 

The ongoing fires have caused struggles with the qualifiers which are going on right now. One player even left her match during the qualifiers because she couldn’t breathe as a result of the smoke in the air.

Despite the worries about the fires in Australia, excitement crowds the tennis world in the days leading up to the Australian Open. 

“The Australian Open is such an amazing event, I can’t wait to watch it and I can’t wait for the tennis season to get going,” said Krebs.