Lady Tigers Basketball Perseveres as Season Continues


Photo Courtesy of Ella Spremulli

The CFHS girls’ basketball team has started off their season with a winning start. The JV team’s record remains 7-1, while the varsity team retains the record of 9-4.

Since their season ends in February, the basketball team still has more to work on. 

“We hope to win out and win the CVC. However, it will be tough because we have to play Orange and West G again. Also, we still have to play Hawken twice,” said Coach Anderson. 

The girls’ basketball team still has many more challenging components to face in the remainder of their season. 

Although the basketball team has faced some obstacles, they were able to overcome them and achieve many wins. 

“Our first game of the season was against Mayfield and we won. I think it was important for us to win because we were able to start the season off on a win and build momentum going forward,” said junior Lily Karyo. 

The first win of the season was important because it set the season off on a good note and motivated all of the players to continue to work hard in not only games, but also practices. 

Another factor that plays into success on the court is constantly improving their skills and strengthening their connection as a team. 

“The team itself has experienced a lot of growth. Practices have been outstanding and we have been growing ourselves, and as a team. So, overall the season is off to a really good start,” added Coach Anderson. 

It remains important for the CFHS basketball team to not only grow as people throughout the season, but also grow as a team and improve their skills together. 

In addition to skills, success also depends on communication and relying on a team. 

“Our successfulness has sprouted from several things this season, one being the support from everyone on the team and having a bunch of returning varsity players. We also thrive off of Coach A’s energy and positivity throughout every practice. She is one of the coaches that you can tell loves the sport and who she coaches,” said senior Katie Kwasny.

Support and encouragement has motivated the girls’ basketball team this season to push themselves and work harder. 

Also, leadership roles have developed and are important in order to keep the team in line. 

“Everyone has taken ownership of some aspect as a team. Such as, being a vocal leader and leading as an example. They do this without me having to ask, which has been really nice this season,” stated Coach Anderson. 

It is important not only for upperclassmen, but for the whole team, to be able to lead and teach their fellow teammates in different ways.  

This leadership principal results in better teamwork and a more unified team. 

“We all have a lot of chemistry because we have been playing together for a while and have built a very strong bond. Also, this team is composed of a great group of girls and everyone is super fun to hang out with and talk to,” said Karyo. 

Since chemistry is important to the basketball team, they implement team bonding activities throughout their season. 

In addition to positive relationships between teammates, a connection between the coach and players is also important. 

“It means a lot to see the girls you have been working with since second grade come up and play for you at the high school level. Not many places have that, so it is pretty special here at Chagrin,” said Coach Anderson.