Tigers Blown Up in Overtime By Bombers

Photo courtesy of Clark Reboul


The Chagrin Falls Hockey Team played school rival the Kenston bombers in the annual hockey game this past Sunday, January 5.  

This game is the biggest event the hockey team offers throughout the year, this rivalry provides a tremendous amount of students from both Kenston and Chagrin. The game started out with an early goal by the Bombers, shaking the Tigers but the team bounced back quickly with help from Sophomore Andrew Kirkpatrick. 

“We have really come together after a tough season last year. The Kenston game was a great boost of confidence for the team, even with the loss,” Kirtpatrick said. 

The Tigers took the Bombers into overtime after numerous goals by Junior Captain Garrin Bunker, Freshman Elliot Depres, Kirtpatrick and Junior Tyler Bookman. However, the Tigers sadly fell to the bombers in overtime with a goal by Senior Bomber Val Carriero, leading scorer for the bombers, with a total of five goals. Kirtpatrick noticed a sense of leadership both on and off the ice from Bunker. 

“He’s a great leader and player. He helps everyone and stay focused. A huge part of the team, especially in this game,” Kirpatrick says. 

Bunker provided the team with two goals against Kenston along with outstanding defense. Bunker leads the team as a captain and serves as the leading scorer for the team with twenty-two goals on the season along with thirteen assists. One of his goals was assisted by Assistant Captain Junior John Ranieri. Ranieri returned from last season after breaking his collarbone and provides the team with a huge defensive threat, as well as being moved up to offense from time to time. 

“The team has only gotten stronger since last year. Being in a different division has really helped the team along with some new leadership from Garrin. Everyone has really stepped up to make it a good season,” Ranieri says. 

The team returned four out of six starters from last season including Bookman, a three year started for the Tigers. 

“The team has grown tremendously, especially with the new found leadership of Garrin, we did not have that last year and to have someone step up and lead is great,” Bookman added. 

As the season surges on the Tigers remain 5-2-1 and have an upcoming game against Lakewood. Ranieri hopes to continue the energy brought in the Kenston game for the rest of the season. 

“The team has come so far, and we have become like a family. Hopefully we can keep this up for a great rest of the season,” Ranieri says.