To go or not to go?

To go or not to go?

This past Friday, along with thousands of people, many CFHS students took part on Black Friday shopping throughout the area. 

After celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends, students rushed to stores to get the best deals possible and begin their holiday shopping. 

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, roughly 154 million people shopped either online or in stores. Year after year, it seems as if the number of shoppers decrease in stores and increase in online shopping. 

Senior Kaitlin Burgess partook in the deals this past Friday. 

“I went to the mall, LuluLemon, and Legacy. I think the deals were very fair and many of the stores had good deals. I was surprised with the number of people in these shops, too. I prefer going into stores to try on different outfits and stuff,” Burgess said. 

LuluLemon, Beachwood Mall, and Legacy Village are all fan favorites for many CFHS students. Although there are superb deals in-store, there are online sales Friday-Monday as well. 

Junior Sadie Nachtwey also went Black Friday shopping along with some of her friends.

“Overall, I thought most of the deals were fair, I had a lot of fun shopping with my friends and bought some really cute outfits,” Nachtwey said. 

One plus with online shopping is not only shopping in the comfort of your own house but also online deals usually go from Friday through Monday. 

Although many students agreed with the deals, some did not. Junior Harper Corto went to some non-traditional shops. 

“I went to Target, Ulta, Walmart, Marshalls, Free People, and LuluLemon,” Corto said. 

Although many stores had deals, Corto demonstrated her frustration with Lulu and shopping in-store.

“Everything is so expensive at Lulu that it seemed like it was a big sale buying a pair of leggings. Target and Ulta also had good deals. I think honestly it’s fun to go into the stores, but shopping online is much easier and less stressful, ” Corto said. 

Many CFHS students took part on shopping this past weekend either in stores or online while also enjoying time with family and friends. 

Now that Thanksgiving weekend has passed, the holiday season is in full effect.

Photo Courtesy of Google.