Upcoming Concerts in Cleveland During December


Whether it be the Cleveland House of Blues, the Agora, or the Grog Shop in Coventry, the city and suburbs of Cleveland offer various venues for many prominent and upcoming artists to perform year after year. 

Being aware of upcoming events, as well as purchasing your tickets far enough in advance, can potentially be difficult for new concert-goers. 

In order to resolve any confusion, the CFHS Tiger Times has developed a list of the most popular artists in today’s’ youth coming to Cleveland in the month of December.

Coming to the Agora Theatre on Sunday, December 1, hip-hop and rap collective Brockhampton is performing in Cleveland, Ohio. Comprised of more than 10 members, Brockhampton is primarily led by vocal artist, Kevin Abstract. Including members such as, Matt Champion, Bearface, Joba, and others, the group boasts many talented musicians capable of a multitude of different pitches and sounds. Notable for songs such as: Boy Bye, No Halo, Sweet, and Gold, the group is expected to perform their latest album, Ginger, released earlier this year.

Performing on Wednesday, December 4, Lil Tjay is coming to the Odeon Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio. Rising in popularity over the past year, Lil Tjay is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from the Bronx in New York City. Most commonly known for his songs: Ruthless, One Take, and Brothers, Lil Tjay is anticipated to perform songs off his albums: True 2 Myself and From Nothing Pt. 1.

A little farther from the city, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is coming to the Mahall’s Locker Room in Lakewood, Ohio on Wednesday, December 11. Part of the underground rap collective, Gothboiclique, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is most notable for collaborating with popular artists such as: Lil Peep and Lil Tracy. Making music since as early as 2014, Wicca Phase has had a slow increase in success since his initial debut. Recognizable for his songs: Just One Thing, Rest, and Put Me In Graves, Wicca Phase will most likely perform songs off his album, Suffer On, released earlier this year.

Featuring two successful artists in one, Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Skies are both coming to the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, December 21. Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper and actor making music since dropping a mixtape in 2006. Being from Cleveland himself, MGK is most frequently recognized by his songs: Rap Devil, Candy, and El Diablo. Expected to perform some verses of his 2019 album, Hotel Diablo, MGK has collaborated with popular musicians such as: Trippie Redd and Travis Barker. Traveling with Lil Skies, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, the pair are presumed to perform their song together, Burning Memories. Within his own set, Lil Skies will most likely perform well received songs off his 2019 album, Shelby. Skies has also worked with popular artists such as: Wiz Khalifa and Landon Cube.

With varying options to choose from, Cleveland residents have many chances to see their favorite artists perform before the end of 2019. Even if missed in the month of December, countless artists and musicians come to display their work time and time again within any of the high-end venues in and around the city.