Chagrin Falls Police Department Welcomes K-9 Unit


A $30,00 donation was given to the Chagrin Falls Police Department for the purchase and training of a K- 9 unit. 

The idea was first discussed and then recommended by the Safety Committee at the Village council meeting on Monday, November 12, Officer Dennise Nyce a father of two, will be serving as the human half of the K-9 unit. 

Officer Nyce will be taking the dog home with him after every shift and has to make sure that his home life and his work life do not interfere with the dog’s training and behavior. 

The CFPD has said that a low milage unmarked police car will be transformed into the K-9 units main form of transportation. To make all of the updates needed to the police car will cost roughly $12,125 according to CFPD. 

 The police department said that the dog, who has yet to be picked, will be trained in a Chagrin Falls-like environment. This includes training for the types of calls that he and Officer Nyce would respond to, including calls that consist of kidnapped or runaway children, as well as suicide attempts. 

The CFPD also believes that the dog will be a good ambassador walking down the street during Sunday morning farmers market, a concert in the park or at Blossom time. The police department has also said that they are going to be training the dog to be friendly and welcoming while he is walking through Chagrin but is strictly business while he is on the job. 

Sophomore Paige Smith said, “I think that it is really cool that they are adding a K-9 unit. But I am not really sure that we need one, nothing bad really happens in Chagrin Falls.”

The dog will also be trained in drug-sniffing for all drugs besides marijuana because once the dog has been trained to sniff out a type of drug they can never be untrained for it, and there is a high probability that in the near future that marijuana will be legalized in all 50 states.  

The dog will be trained at Shallow Creek Kennels near Youngstown. The training takes six weeks, which consists of dog and handler training. All of the training need for the dog and the additional equipment and training will cost around $15,500 according to CFPD. The village council still has not made a final decision about the addition of the K-9 unit. If the notion gets passed be ready to see Officer Nyce and his new partner this spring.