MLB Opens Investigation Into The 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros

MLB Opens Investigation Into The 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros

In November, Major League Baseball launched an investigation into the Houston Astros 2017 World Series championship team.  

Pitcher Mike Fiers and three other unnamed people within the club during the 2017 season have accused the Astros of using an electronic system involving cameras to steal signs throughout the season and even throughout the playoffs.

CFHS junior Richard Higley, a Cleveland Indians season ticket holder, believes there is no room for cheating in baseball. 

“The Astros’ integrity is completely shattered if they cheated. There should be severe punishments for them and their championship should be taken away,” Higley said. 

The Astros supposedly used a camera in centerfield and connected it to a television monitor located in the tunnel between their dugout and clubhouse. Whenever a pitcher would receive an offspeed pitch from the catcher, two men watching the monitor would loudly bang a trash can to alert the hitter to what pitch is coming. 

Many teams have been accused before of stealing signs before in the MLB, but with the methods the Astros used and them doing it while they win the World Series causes major problems not only throughout the league but from many fans across the nation. However, some fans have a different view stealing signs. 

Charlie Greenlief, a passionate CFHS junior who plays baseball player himself, feels that there is no problem with stealing signs during a game. 

“Every team is trying to find some type of advantage over their opponent. While using cameras may be unfair, I think some methods of stealing signs are a part of the game and the team should do a better job at preventing the stealing if they do not like it,” Greenlief said. 

Many other members of MLB teams including the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox have also commented that during certain situations they witnessed or believed the Astros were illegally stealing signs during games. 

In order to combat these accusations, Astros management has announced that they are going to launch their own investigation to see what really occurred during the time of the allegations.

CFHS junior Jack McMullen, a dedicated baseball pitcher and fan of the game, has no confidence in the Astros investigation and does not trust them. 

“As a pitcher, I would despise any team that would cheat to steal my catcher’s signs. Also, the Astros launching their own investigation is a joke and nothing truthful will probably come from it,” McMullen said. 

In any case, some spectators believe that the allegations coming from past team members or teams that lost to the Astros during their World Series year have some room for concern. The Astros have appeared in the playoffs three straight years playing in two World Series and winning one. 

This current run of dominance can create jealousy for some people who are not apart of it. So whether or not the Astros truly did electronically steal signs, their will always be rough competition between teams and players in the MLB. 

“Everyone always wants to be the best, and when they can’t, they try to attack the ones who are at the top,” said Greenlief.