Grace Lee Wins November Rotary Student of the Month


Senior, Grace Lee has been selected as the November Chagrin Valley Rotary Student of the Month. The award is presented by the Chagrin Valley Rotary club and superintendent Mr. Robert Hunt. Lee was chosen based on the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.”

The Rotary motto stresses leadership and service qualities that Lee has displayed in the community. 

“My favorite community service memories have been in leading the children’s K-2 grade meetings at my church. Working with the little kids there has been super fun and it’s been very rewarding to get to know each and every one of them over the years,” said Lee.

Lee’s engagement with the community is exactly what the Rotary Club looks for in students. On top of her community service, Lee helps tutor Chagrin Falls students in Chinese in her spare time. 

Ultimately, teachers and administrators decide which students are chosen. A poll sent out to the teachers regarding students who display service and leadership qualities. One of Lee’s former math teachers, Mr. Maas spoke highly of Lee.

“Grace is very diligent and hardworking student. She is also very friendly and always in a good mood, which has a very positive impact on the class and everyone she comes in contact with,” said Mr. Maas. 

Lee’s performance both in and out of the classroom is only one of the many characteristics that set her apart. Her aspiration to challenge herself with her rigorous class schedule while also being a leader is remarkable. 

Being a leader is easier said than done. One has to be good at collaborating in a group and exemplify qualities like hard work, determination, perseverance, and the ability to help others. 

One of her classmates, senior John Campbell, emphasized how valuable Lee is in the classroom. 

“Every time I have worked with Grace she has always assumed the role of group leader, which is a good thing. She has no problem taking the hardest or most intimidating parts of projects and will often time volunteer for it,” said Campbell.

Lee’s selflessness and hard work does not go unnoticed by her peers. She is often considered by many to be a valuable resource, if someone has a question or need help understanding a topic she will no doubt be super willing to help you achieve success.

“Winning Rotary Student of the Month means a lot to me – I feel honored to have this recognition,” said Lee.