CFHS Holds its First Speech and Debate Tournament


On Saturday, November 16, CFHS held its first speech and debate tournament since 2015. 

CFHS decided to hold its first tournament because of the speech and debate team’s interest and enthusiasm in hosting.

Sophomore Hattie Sherman enjoyed the opportunity to have a tournament hosted at her own school. 

I thought this was an amazing opportunity for the talented CFHS speech and debate team to show how well organized and efficient our team is,” Sherman stated. “I think this was a well-run tournament and it flowed very smoothly.”

Sherman further explained that she truly enjoyed hosting a speech and debate tournament and expressed how neat and hardworking the CFHS team is.

Additionally, speech and debate coach Mr. Kasee further explained why the team decided to hold a tournament this year.

“The main reason is that the seniors on the team really wanted to host a tournament in their senior year. It’s truly a badge of honor to host one in the district and having people at your school,” stated Mr. Kasee. “I worked with the Cleveland district to secure a tournament on the calendar. We got lucky because 2020 is a leap year, so there was an extra date we could take.”

The team raised funds through concessions that were sold throughout the day and every entry fee.

In addition, Sherman stated the main challenge she faced while competing on Saturday.

The most difficult part of the tournament was no different than any other tournament, keeping my energy up throughout the day,” Sherman said.

Sherman endured the same difficulties as any other tournament, she had to stay focused and motivated to compete in her following rounds.

Another member also faced problems with the tournament on Saturday.

“The most difficult part for me was dealing with the busy weekend with the play, and speech and debate,” Garvey stated.

The tournament took up much of Garvey’s whole day, and she needed to get ready for a play she needed to perform later that night.

Although she faced some challenges with juggling two events on the same day, she loved hosting.

“I honestly loved that Chagrin was able to host a tournament. I was really proud of our team and coaches for being able to work together to plan a great tournament,” stated Garvey.

The tournament allowed the team to come together and create an organized and fun competition.

It was spread out between two of the Chagrin Falls campuses, the high school, and intermediate school.

Our tournament was no different,” said Sherman. “Debate, which includes public forum debate, Lincoln Douglas debate, policy debate, congressional debate, was located in the high school 7-12 campus and speech, which includes humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, dual interpretation program oral interpretation, and original oratory was located in the 4-6 Intermediate School campus.”

The intermediate and high school had to be used to host the tournament because of the large number of opponents that competed on Saturday.

Sherman thought the tournament was an overall success and would love to do it again in the future.

“I loved the experience. It felt so nice to be at home competing,” Sherman stated.