Senior Wendi Song takes her talent to the NAFME National Honor Ensembles


Chagrin Falls School Twitter

 CFHS senior Wendi Song, a violinist, was invited to the The National Association for Music Education (NAFME) National Honors Ensembles to perform. The opportunity came from Song’s consistent hard work and determination to continue to master her art. 

The NAFME National Honors Ensemble is a program where the top high school violin students across the country are given the chance to perform together at a national level. This year’s program took place on November 7.

Song elaborated on her experience while performing and all the advantages of this opportunity, such as meeting other students from all around the country. 

“I loved this overall experience because I was able to meet people from all around the country who were just as enthusiastic about orchestra. Everyone was so talented, and I learned so much from playing with them and getting to know them,” Song explained.

She also added that she believes that as a whole, they sounded amazing together. Moreover, she enjoyed all the music they played, especially since all the students involved were so passionate about their art. 

Furthermore, an exciting opportunity like this created a mixture of fear and excitement. However, with both the excitement and fear she felt, she was very prepared and ready to perform. 

“I felt very excited for this event because I knew I had been preparing and practicing for years to get to this point. I was definitely ready because I knew my capabilities and what I could do with violin. It’s been through past experiences that I have felt comfortable and ready for performing in the All-National Symphony Orchestra,” Song stated. 

Song emphasized the preparation she took in order to achieve this noble goal. The achievement that she has accomplished are a pure result of hard work and dedication that Song has put in throughout the years of practicing. 

Additionally, Song explained the thorough process it took to get where she is today. Between school, extracurricular and violin, Song learned the meaning of sacrifice and how sacrifice

“I definitely had to work really hard to get to this point, because I have been playing the violin since fifth grade. In past years, I have had to sacrifice my Saturdays, my free time, and hanging out with my friends in order to go to rehearsal or practice,” said Song.

Song elaborated that she had to practice daily and participate in multiple orchestras in order to prepare herself for Nationals. 

Fellow strings student junior Franny Insolia mentioned that Song’s incredible work ethic and dedication to her work does not go unnoticed in the eyes of her peers. 

 “Everytime I hear Wendi play it sounds better and better, it goes to show how hard she works,” Insolia claimed. “Everyone around Song can sense her hard work and dedication. She knows how to grab the audience’s attention by just playing.” 

Insolia further explained that Song continues to tell a story through her music. She also added that the way Song makes the audience feel certain emotions, takes an extreme amount of talent.  

CFHS strings instructor Ms. Karriker has watched Song progress years, both academically and musically. 

I have had Wendi as a student in the Chagrin Falls Orchestra program for the past seven years. Wendi is an exceptional music student, a fine violinist and a dedicated academic student,” Ms. Karriker stated. 

Ms. Karriker also characterized Song as a leader in the classroom, as well as on stage. She sets an example for her peers  and is motivated to not only do well, but to also do exceptional. 

“She is always motivated to perform at her very best during rehearsals and she encourages other students to do the same. More often than not, she leads violin sectionals and also helps to complete administrative tasks for the orchestra program,” Karriker said.