Greater Cleveland Police Officers Give back with Shop with a Cop

On December 7, the Chagrin Falls Police Department is once again teaming up with other local departments to take part in Shop with a Cop.

The Shop with a Cop program allows families in need to go shopping with the police and buy presents for Christmas with money donated. 

“The annual ‘Shop with a Cop’ program was started several years ago by the local Fraternal Order of Police (George Murray Lodge 67),” said Lieutenant Weiskopf of the Chagrin Falls Police Department.

The Shop with a Cop program has taken off ever since and has grown even larger. It makes a huge impact on families in need.

Giving back is the main goal of this program. Allowing children to receive what they would not be able to afford normally makes this program special. 

“Our mission is to help out local families in need during the holiday season. Chagrin Falls police officers and our civilian employees, along with others, volunteer their personal time each year to take part in the program,” said Lieutenant Weiskopf.

Many citizens offer a helping hand and are happy to participate in this unique program. Also, it allows the police department to create a closer relationship with some citizens. 

Reaching out and interacting with the community is not out of the ordinary for the Chagrin Falls Police Department. This event allows the police to work one on one with citizens and they are able to help the citizens immensely. 

Junior Ian Zitney provides a student perspective of the program, and views the program from the outside. 

“It really helps the interaction between citizens and police officers, it allows kids to feel more comfortable around them. It is great for the community,” said Zitney.

Shop with a Cop allows all families to be able to have a holiday season that they normally wouldn’t have, even better they get to do it with a police officer. 

Not only is it an exquisite experience for the children, it also is an exquisite experience for the police officers. 

“It could be as simple as basic personal hygiene items, socks, underwear, or groceries. Witnessing their enthusiasm over being able to buy small things most of us take for granted really puts things into perspective,” Lieutenant Weiskopf said. 

Many everyday citizens rarely consider the importance of everyday objects, this program allows families in need to get these items that most people take for granted. 

Not only does this program help kids all over, it is very important to some families even here in Chagrin Falls.

“It is great that we have this program in Chagrin, it helps out less fortunate families that get overlooked because they live in Chagrin Falls,” said junior Molly Lowe.

There are families in need all over the world, although this program starts by impacting families in need starting right here in Greater Cleveland. 

This program is one of many across the country that helps local families. Although, the connection with the local police department makes the program unlike any other.

“As police officers, I think it’s safe to say that most of us decided to commit ourselves to the profession for two very important reasons: we genuinely care about people and we want to make a difference in the community we serve. Equally important, the Shop with a Cop program allows participants to view police officers in a different light,” Lieutenant Weiskopf said.