Senior athletes commit to colleges during early signing day


On Thursday November 14, senior athletes signed letters of intent to continue their athletic career in college. 

Senior Katie Schumacher, who committed to Western Michigan University, expressed her enthusiasm to become a Bronco. 

“I’m really looking forward to being on a team with these other girls, and getting closer to them is something I’m really looking forward too,” said Schumacher.

While applying to colleges is already stressful, committing to a college to play a sport is even more difficult. 

Furthermore, Schumacher stated that playing a sport throughout college can be a rare opportunity and she is glad that she gets to take advantage of it. 

“Being able to play a sport in college is a huge deal to me and means a lot, because I know its something not a lot of people have the opportunity to do,” Shumacker explained. 

The success of many student athletes throughout the years has given Chagrin Falls a good name. 

Senior Anna Gellin, who signed to Kent State University, is not only grateful for the opportunity to play for Kent State lacrosse, but also the chance to get a top-rate education, while also close to home.  

Gellin appreciates her family’s continuous love for the sport and being able to follow in her father’s footsteps. 

“My dad played lacrosse in college and my whole family grew up loving lacrosse so they’ve been my inspiration ever since I was young,” Gellin stated. 

She is very proud to be a lacrosse player and carry on the legacy of playing lacrosse in college for her family while attending Kent State is very important to her. 

CFHS athletic director, Mr. Charlie Barch, takes great care in preparing student athletes for college and believes that high school sports are crucial to the overall performance in their college career.  

“I believe sports are an extension of the classroom. High school student-athletes learn teamwork, leadership, time management and many other important characteristics. These all will be used in college.” Mr. Barch said. 

High school sports give students confidence, discipline, and perseverance to have a well rounded college experience. 

If a student is considering going to college, they might want to participate in a high school sport because it can help with paying tuition.  

“There are lots of benefits that come with signing off to colleges. For example, some schools can give full tuition, room, and board, and some schools may only give tuition, or some can give tuition assistance,” Mr. Barch explained.  

Not only are these students exceptional athletes, but the habits of discipline and hard work has translated into their academics, leading to further opportunities. 

“The best advice I can give a student-athlete is make sure the school they are going is the right fit. Just looking or going to a school because you like the coach, teammates, or program is not the right choice for everyone because coaches can leave, teammates can change, but the school will always be the school.” Mr. Barch said.