First Team CFHS Football Players


Photo taken by Ms. Asher

On November 11, Xavier Perez, Nick Dalessandro, Bryce Sellars, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Owen McClintock, and Cam Owen were named first team all-CVC members for CFHS.

The first team players were chosen by Chagrin’s coaches who nominate them first, and then other schools’ coaches in the CVC vote on CFHS players.

Mr. Scott is the defensive coordinator for the CFHS football team and strives to improve his players. 

“We, as coaches, try to install team concepts and put these players in a position to succeed. Also, we focus in practice on individual technique that they will use everyday in practice and hopefully transfer to games,” said Scott.  

The CFHS coaches are very dedicated and devote their time and effort to making sure their players are successful. 

In fact, their coaching paid off because junior Xavier Perez received first team recognition. 

“It means a lot to me knowing that I was picked to be on the first team by both my coaches, and the other coaches in the CVC. Last year I made second team so this year showed how the hard work paid off,” said Perez. 

Making second team last year motivated Perez to work harder and impress his coaches. 

In addition to coaches, parents also have a major influence on motivating these football players. 

“My mom really loves to push me to be the best. She comes to all my games to critique my playing and even when I think I did good, she always finds a flaw. That’s what I think really pushes me to succeed,” said Perez. 

Perez values not only his coaches, but also his mom for her support and encouragement. 

Although it is nice to be recognized for your hard work, it is not all about the awards.

Junior Owen McClintock is an inside linebacker who was also recognized as a first team player. 

“I don’t play football for the awards, but it’s an honor to earn first team as a junior, which is hard to do, because coaches commonly vote on seniors since it is their last year playing,” said junior Owen McClintock.

This award is an accomplishment because it is difficult to attain. 

Although these players have just received this high recognition, it is still important to set more goals.

“I want to make first team again and hopefully win offensive MVP for the CVC. I also want to try and break close to 2000 scrimmage yards,” added Perez.

Perez’s dedication to football will fuel his drive to accomplish his aspirations.

In addition to high school goals, some players also set more futuristic goals. 

“In the future I hope to play football in college and earn all-state honors next season,” McClintock said.  

Similar to Perez, winning first team inspired McClintock to continue pushing himself to work harder at football.

Therefore, the CFHS football team is full of very special players who continuously shock the coaches. 

“They are the reason why we do this, year in and year out, they give great effort and we have amazing kids,” stated Mr. Scott.