Student Council continues Annual Blood Drive


On November 7, the CFHS student council will hold their yearly blood drive.

The blood drive’s main purpose is to save lives and create awareness about individuals who need blood. Student council encourages anyone 16 and older who meet certain requirements to participate in this event. 

“Running the blood drive comes down to how many student council members can help out with setting up and checking people in. We also have to meet a required amount of participants to have the Red Cross return to our school,” said junior class secretary Aerin Krebs.

Krebs explained numerous types of factors that play into executing the blood drive smoothly.

Additionally, senior class president Cam Owen further explained how the amazing assistance from everyone in student council and providing food lead to a terrific blood drive.

Whether it be volunteering to come help during their commons period or bringing in cookies and juice for the donors, everyone does their part to help the drive to be a success,” stated Owen. “Along with this, probably the biggest factor for the success of drive is the people that come to donate blood. These people make the drive a success as they take time out of their days to come to help others that are in need of blood.”

He stated how members of student council equally contribute themselves to the blood drive to make it a great experience for donors and expressed the generosity of the students.

As the senior president, Owen wants to create excitement among the freshmen officers for them to remember the 2019 blood drive.

“We want to help gain donors for the local blood bank and save lives,” said freshman class secretary Ryan Hill.

Hill explained the goals of the blood drive for student council and that they hope to gain a large number of blood donors throughout the junior and senior classes.

Since the blood drive is an important event, it requires a large area for students to have their own space for donating blood and the equipment set up in the room.

“The blood drive is usually located in the gym,” said Owen.

Owen stated how the gym is acceptable for the blood drive due to it being so large, so it can fit all the supplies from the American Red Cross organization.

Although student council gets a majority of help organizing the blood drive from the Red Cross, each member has their own job for everything to go according to plan.

“Everyone takes part equally. Some bring in food, others help set up or take down equipment, but it’s really a team effort,” said Krebs.

Krebs explained how everyone in student council engages in the blood drive equally.

In addition, the Red Cross has been coming to CFHS for a long time. Senior Cam Owen reflects on his experience with them. 

The blood drive has been something we have run as a student council for every year since I’ve been here,” said Owen.

Owen elaborated on how he has had in-depth experience with the Red Cross Organization.

Additionally, the student council hopes to create awareness directed towards the upperclassmen about donating blood, so they can save lives.

“I think we’re all excited to help make a difference in the community and look forward to when we can donate our blood,” stated Hill.