Students’ Views on Halloween Candy


With Halloween right around the corner, we must ask the age old question once again: what is the best Halloween candy?

To answer this question, CFHS gave their opinions on their favorite candy. 

“I love either Twix or Take 5s; take 5s aren’t very common so when you get them it’s really a treat,” said junior Ian Zitney.

Twix are often a fan favorite, although Take 5s are more uncommon; usually students don’t get many Take 5s while trick or treating.

What’s more, sometimes a candy that is largely handed out during Halloween is disliked by many. 

“My least favorite candy has got to be dots; they’re so overrated and I just don’t like the taste,” Zitney stated. 

The multi-colored gumdrops are an all-time classic, but the chewy candies are very controversial because the gumdrops aren’t always appealing to all.   

Candy expert junior Olivia Nerpouni has different opinions on her favorite candies. 

“My favorite candy is a Kit-Kat. I love the mix of the chocolate and the crunch of the wafer. It is the perfect candy in my mind,” said Nerpouni.

Many other Americans also agree; for example, Kit-Kats are the number 5 selling Halloween candy in the United States according to Quaker Oats Credit Union. 

Kit-Kats are usually liked by many people but it is a different story with candy corn.

“I never have really liked candy corn. To me, it tastes too waxy,” said Nerpouni.

Candy corn has an interesting taste that people either love or hate. Usually it is a toss up between people, but for many, like Olivia, it is at the bottom of their list.

Another top selling candies is one of long time trick or treater Max Crandall’s favorite. 

“I’m a big advocate for Reese’s. I love chocolate and peanut butter together. If I get a Reese’s while trick or treating I get very happy,” said freshman Crandall. 

Reese’s is a classic candy to give out for Halloween and it comes in as the top selling Halloween candy according to Quaker Oats Credit Union. It has recorded sales of up to $509.85 million in recent years. 

Now we come to our last candy with probably the most love-hate relationship out of all candies, Almond Joy. 

“I have a very strong hatred for Almond Joy’s, and I think many people would agree with me; the coconut just doesn’t do it for me,” said Crandall. 

With Almond Joy’s it is once again the same story; it is either a love or hate for the coconut chocolate candy. Although, when people love them they really love them: in a 2017 study by Abasto, they reported that 2.7% of Americans said it was their favorite Halloween candy.

Whether the trick or treaters love or hate the specific candy they recieve, the joy of candy and Halloween can be seen all throughout America.  

“I love Halloween; when I was a kid it was one of my favorite holidays. I love me some candy,” said Zitney.