Spirit Week Festivities


On October 24, CFHS Student Council announced that the week of Monday, October 28 will be a spirit week. 

The reason for the upcoming spirit week is due to many significant events taking place in the same week. 

“We decided to have a spirit week next week because since Halloween is on Thursday, we thought it would be good for people to dress up for that. Also, Friday is the last football game,” stated Student Council adviser Mr. Hass-Hill.

Student Council hosts spirit weeks throughout the year for important events or dances.

In fact, some of the days Student Council chose revolved around both Halloween and the football game. 

“Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Beach Day, Wednesday is Business Casual Day, Thursday is Costume Day, and Friday is USA Day,” said junior class President Paula Loudermilk.  

Student Council included some new ideas such as Business Casual Day and Costume Day in this upcoming spirit week. 

Although some spirit days are traditional, it is important to change up some days. 

“I am looking forward to costume day because it is different and I think it will be fun to see everyone dressed up,” said junior Clayton Pilotti. 

Adding new spirit days helps appeal to a new or wider variety of students.

In addition, spirit weeks rely on the fact that a lot of people will participate in all grade levels. 

“Spirit weeks are meant to connect and excite students, which is why everyone should participate,” stated Loudermilk.