Volleyball Coach Leaves Chagrin After Incredible Season


Picture taken by Ms. Asher

The CFHS volleyball team will say goodbye to three-year head varsity coach Ms. Heather Piccone. 

With a record of 16-8, the volleyball team had one of their best seasons this 2019-2020 school year. 

“I am sad that Coach Piccone is leaving because she is one of the most passionate coaches I’ve ever had. Her love for the game and culture of the program is unmatched as far as I’ve seen,” said senior Madeline Swentor. 

Piccone’s players are very sad to see her go after all she has done for the team.

The reason Piccone will not be returning next year is due to her busy schedule and unknown availability.

“Next year I will not be coaching high school anywhere else. If I was coaching high school, I would just stay here because these are my people,” said Piccone. 

Piccone is unsure of what her future entails, but she knows she will not coach high school volleyball anywhere but Chagrin. 

Although the season is coming to an end, Piccone set goals for herself to accomplish as a coach. 

“My goal is to better myself as a coach and better the team every year by challenging them individually as people and as players. I want them to get better every single year, and I don’t feel like there has ever been a time that was not accomplished,” stated Piccone

Piccone’s volleyball team has never let her down and always achieves the goals she sets.  

In addition to Piccone challenging her players, she also made an effort to understand them on different levels. 

“Piccone is a really good coach because she tries to understand the players not only as volleyball players, but also on a personal level. She does this because she knows that the best teams are made when teammates understand each other,” said junior Olivia Perotti. 

Piccone has not only coached her players, but has also connected with them on a personal level. 

Since it is Piccone’s last year coaching here, it is important to reflect on why she decided to coach volleyball and come to Chagrin. 

“My love for the game and desire to see people get better at it inspired me to coach volleyball. However, the students are the reason why I am here and why I decided to coach at Chagrin,” said Piccone. 

The main reason Piccone came here was due to the connection she felt with the students.  

In addition to her love for her students, Piccone’s players inspire her with their respect for the program.  

“I love the fact that this team has each others back. They also understand that volleyball is part of becoming a better person, not just a better player, which is what this program is about,” stated Piccone. 

Piccone recognizes the importance of a team being able to support one another through their ups and downs. 

Although leaving a team behind can be hard, it is important to remain optimistic.

“I will miss the people and the girls so much, but I will be back to watch them play,” said Piccone.