Buckeyes Continue to Dominate after a Big Win Over the Spartans


On Saturday October 6, the Ohio State Football team defeated Michigan State with a score of 34-10, proving once again they’re one of the best teams in the country. 

The Ohio State Buckeyes continued to defy doubters as they are still undefeated as they improve to a 6-0 record. 

Ohio State often has a large fan base such as junior Julius Lelonis who is a lifelong fan of the Buckeyes, who watches nearly all of the games.  

“Ohio State looked way better than Michigan State; the score was never too close, and honestly OSU should’ve scored more but they slowed down at the end of the game,” said junior Julius Lelonis. 

Ohio State has started off the year extremely strong, and now have sports analysts saying they could be the best team in college football. Ohio State showed how good they really could be in the last game against Michigan State. 

One of the main reasons for Ohio State’s success is due to the new quarterback, Justin Fields.  

“I think Justin Fields has done amazing, exceeded all expectations, and established himself in the Heisman race,” said Lelonis.  

Justin Fields is a true sophomore who transferred from Georgia to Ohio State. Many questioned how well he would do, having little experience, although he has started off great, throwing 18 touchdowns in his first six games. 

Along with the explosive Ohio State offense, the defense has proven to be the real deal, only giving up  22 points in the last three games. Much of this credit is given to future top five pick in the NFL Draft, Chase Young. 

“Chase Young has been undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best defensive player in all of college football. He has really enhanced the Ohio State defense,” said Lelonis. 

The stand out defensive end has again and again proven himself to be one of the best defensive players in all of college football. Young already has 8.5 sacks, which leads the NCAA. 

The Ohio State team as a whole has continued to shine throughout all of the games this season. 

They have also managed to catch the attention of the entire nation, such as junior Emily Collins, who is a fan of Notre Dame but pays attention to all of college football. 

“The entire Ohio State team has looked really good this season; they could be the best team in college football,” said Collins.  

Ohio State has generally had an easy time against opponents, such as blowing out Nebraska 48-7, which was a highly anticipated game. 

Another bright spot of the Ohio State team has been the great play out of the young players on the roster. 

“I think Ohio State has a lot of young talent, and we will be good for years to come,” said Lelonis. 

In addition to Justin Fields, many lower classmen have played well for the Buckeyes, such as true freshman Garett Wilson and Master Teague III. Wilson, a wide receiver, has caught three touchdowns so far this year. Also, Teague, a running back, has already rushed for 416 yards. 

One of the most shocking parts about this team is that it is being coached by the first-year head coach Ryan Day. 

“I think Ryan Day has been a great coach so far; he has picked right up from where Urban Meyer left off,” said Lelonis. 

Day, the former OSU offensive coordinator, was promoted to head coach as a result of one of the winningest coaches in college football, Urban Meyer, retiring. The new coach has not disappointed, as Ohio State has not skipped a beat with Day taking over. 

As Ohio State moves past Michigan State with a big win, the nation is waiting to see how this season turns out for the Buckeyes. 

“They definitely have a chance to win the national championship, we’ll just have to see how the rest of the season goes,” said Collins.