CFHS Earns Straight As


In September, the Ohio Department of Education released its annual report card rankings and Chagrin Falls High School ranked number one in Ohio for achievement and earned an overall A ranking. 

Overall rankings come from six categories: achievement, progress, gap closing, graduation rate, K-3 literacy and prepared for success. CFHS received an A in each category, thus composing the overall A. 

“You guys work incredibly hard and I don’t think that anything has changed from year to year,” said high school principal Ms. Monica Asher. 

Ms. Asher praised the dedication of students at CFHS as she notices how much the students value their study hall time and how often students seek help from teachers and staff. She also noted that since last year she has received complaints when Tiger Time is cancelled and replaced with class meetings because students want to use the time for their studies. 

“It was a wonderful complaint to get,” said Ms. Asher. 

The hard work shown by students at CFHS pays off, most clearly noted in CFHS’s achievement score. CFHS received a performance index, a mathematical calculation based on performance on end of course exams, of 109.1, the highest score in the state, and a 5.4 point improvement from two years ago. Solon High School scored slightly below CFHS, receiving a 109. A score of 108 or higher is needed to receive an A in the achievement category; CFHS and SHS were the only two high schools in the state to earn this score. 

Ms. Asher not only credits students for the success of CFHS, but staff members and the community as well.

“Our hope is that we are going to be able to utilize our resources and extend that support so that you will have support in a variety of places,” she said.

Ms. Asher spoke of resources such as Math Lab, ELA Lab, the Write Place, the lightboard used to record lessons, and the increase in opportunities to retake tests and quizzes. 

Adding to the numerous opportunities at CFHS, superintendent Mr. Robert Hunt stated, “We are fortunate to have a district that has such a wide variety of programs that develop students socially, emotionally, academically, artistically and athletically.”

These opportunities range from the various clubs at CFHS, such as Art Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Gaming Club and more. In addition, during Tiger Time, CFHS has begun offering Yoga and standardized test prep for students.

Senior Creagan Mee recalls, “teachers have always been willing to meet with me for help, no matter how often and for how long.”

Mee has attended Chagrin Falls for grades K-12 and feels extremely lucky to have received her education here and truly feels that the teachers care about her as a student and as a person. 

“I’ve formed great relationships with teachers such as Mr. Brownlow, Señora Walsh, and Mr. Kerul,” said Mee.

Moreover, the community of Chagrin displays a level of interest in the High School as well. PTO helped fund the document cameras and microphones used to record lessons and Music Lovers raised funds to help purchase an electric hybrid grand piano for the music department. 

Mr. Hunt feels that it is important to celebrate in areas of success, but also make plans to grow in areas of concern. Building on this, Mr. Hunt knows this report comes from the dedication of the students, but wants to reinforce that much of what the district values in development of students cannot be measured by tests. 

“I believe this year’s district report card results to be a direct result of the work that has been ongoing in the district over the last three years,” said Mr. Hunt.