5th Annual Dazzle Awards Announced


On September 26, Playhouse Square announced 33 participating schools for the Dazzle Awards.

Nearly 200 students represented throughout seven counties were chosen, with Chagrin Falls High School being one of those schools. Choir director Mr. Nathan Bachofsky understands how important this nomination is for CFHS.

“One of the biggest reasons I love being apart of the Dazzle Awards program is because it allows for students to further work on their skills through a variety of master classes with real Broadway professionals. Students get to work with Broadway music directors and choreographers that come through Cleveland on tour. They often get to meet and interact with members of the touring companies that come through Playhouse Square,” Bachofsky said. 

Schools such as Avon Lake High School, Solon High School, Rocky River High School, Aurora High School, and Orange High School were also nominated for this prestigious award. 

CFHS principal Ms. Monica Asher promoted the idea of applying for the Dazzle Awards. Previously working at Rocky River, her school regularly participated in the Dazzle Awards.

I saw what a great opportunity it was for students and I wanted to be able to provide that opportunity for students at CFHS as well! I met with Mr. Bachofsky and he was also incredibly excited about participating! He did an immense amount of work to prepare and I am so thankful for his efforts,” Ms. Asher said. 

Last year, then junior Joelle Kristoff was nominated for a best actress for her performance Ariel Moore in “Footloose”. 

The next steps for Mr. Bachofsky and the music program is to ensure success in their musical “The Drowsy Chaperone”.

A panel of adjudicators will come to see our spring musical. There, they will provide feedback on various aspects of our production and performers. They will focus on things like ensemble, choreography, set design, orchestra, choreography execution, etc. This feedback along with the adjudicators scores are sent to a third party company that tallies the votes, much like other professional award ceremonies,”Mr.  Bachofsky said.

Then, in April, Playhouse Square will announce nominations via Fox 8 News.

Sophomore Grace Hoy has been apart of the program and is thrilled for the announcement from Dazzle.  

“We were so excited when we heard of the announcement from Dazzle. It was so cool because you get to be with people who have the same interests as you,” Hoy said. 

Upon hearing the news from Dazzle, it is obvious why students would be excited. The next steps for program is simple. 

 Our next steps would be hopefully be nominated again next year and we want to work throughout the year to improve,” Hoy said. 

The experience of being nominated is exciting, but the spirit of the program is more important. 

It’s the experience of getting feedback what we do and celebrating high school theater in Northeast Ohio that matters most to me and the rest of the production team. I didn’t fully get it until I went to the actual Dazzle Awards. The amount of support you see other schools and students give others is uplifting and the performances are inspiring. That’s what the spirit of the program is all about,” Bachofsky. 

CFHS wishes the best of luck to all participants and Mr. Bachofsky.

Photo credits to Rory Klein.