CFHS Yearbook Earns Excellence Award


On September 9, Jostens awarded the CFHS Zenith 2019 yearbook as a Jostens’ yearbook of excellence.

Jostens grants this award to yearbooks that create an inclusive yearbook, generate school engagement, and successfully manage the yearbook creation process. 

English teacher and yearbook adviser, Mr. Ken Kasee, said that the staff went through a thorough proofreading process before submitting the yearbook for publication.

“For last year’s yearbook, we spent a lot of time in the spring looking at exactly what needed to be done to finish the yearbook on time. We have a due date of June 15, but we always try to get the yearbook out in the week after graduation,” said Mr. Kasee.

From there, the yearbook goes to the Jostens factory to be printed, and it gets delivered in August for students to pick up on picture day.

Junior Elle Moore was a member of the 2019 yearbook staff.

“The process began the summer before last year and then through the end of the school year,” stated Moore.

Along with Moore, many students staffed the yearbook to make a memorable book. Many students took the class, and photojournalism, to help create the yearbook.

“The editors and the photographers of the yearbook, everyone who took the class was a huge help,” said Moore.

She explained all the people that worked on the creation of the CFHS yearbook were extremely helpful and diligent.

Although there was a large staff to work on the yearbook, the group faced some obstacles during production.

“The hardest part is making sure you meet your deadlines in time,” stated Moore.

Now the design editor of the 2020 yearbook, Moore said due dates are difficult to reach, and the staff had to put hours inside and outside of class in order to finish their assignments in time.

Additionally, senior design editor Paige Hammond said that the staff had to put in extra time to assess the final spreads. 

“The most difficult part was towards the end of the year when we had to review all the spreads to make sure there weren’t any errors, which was very time-consuming,” said Hammond.

She stated the struggles of revising each spread, in order to catch any fatal mistakes and to make sure they each turned out perfect.

Although the staff handled some problems along the way, Hammond found it very enjoyable at the same time.

“I liked being able to design a spread and getting to make it my own,” stated Hammond.

She elaborated on how interesting it can be while personalizing her own spreads. As a senior editor, Hammond stayed committed to the project and reflected her positive attitude on other editors, making dedication a theme throughout the staff.

Mr. Kasee explained the entire process that creating a yearbook takes. 

“We have to wait that long because we want to take pictures of prom and get those in the yearbook, and so that takes time; then we also want to get pictures of graduation,” Mr. Kasee said. “The staff did so well last year having two spreads designed and then everything else in the book went through an in-depth proofing process, so there were many steps in the proofreading and editing process.” 

Mr. Kasee explains the persistence of the yearbook staff and how devoted they were throughout the process.

In addition, the CFHS yearbook staff added creativity and thoroughly communicated the theme of My Chagrin to all the students.

“I think that the reason why we won is that the staff did an incredible job at carrying out the theme throughout the entire book,” stated Mr. Kasee.