Claws out for the Boys Soccer Game Versus West G


On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the Chagrin Falls boys soccer team had a huge win at their away game against West Geauga. The Tigers won with a score of  5-2 with goals from juniors Ian Zitney and Zach Lechman, along with sophomores Michael Mashke and JC Deruytter, bringing their record to 3-2-3.  

Zitney, a varsity starter, stated, “We started the first half really bad, we didn’t play well as a team, but the second half we picked it up and played well.” 

Starting games slow has been a common theme of the Tigers so far this season, though in most games they have gained control farther into the contest. In addition, after a large win against the West Geauga Wolverines, the soccer team improves to a record of 3-2-3, coming off of a 0-1 loss against Hawken the game before. 

“I think overall we played a really good game. we weren’t able to convert, and offensively, it was a little slow. it’s tough to lose a game where you play so well,” Zitney said.  

The team has had rough luck of the draw after the team graduated most of their starters and only has one senior on the roster. Despite the losses, though, the team has managed to pull it together and play well. 

The varsity team is an extremely young team and have created a new starting lineup. Losing over ten seniors has hurt the Tigers but they have already adjusted. 

“We had a lot of skilled players last year, but this year we’re relying on hustle and working as a team,” Zitney said. Hustle and grit is an evident common theme shown in games for Chagrin. They often use their youth to give themselves a boost. It allows the Tigers to be set for the future and allows the boys to learn to play well as a team. 

“We’ve all played with each other for over four years, so we have a tight bond,” junior Clayton Pilotti stated. Bonding and playing as a team has become a very important part of the season as the Tigers continue to learn and has helped lead them to a victory against Beachwood. 

On the other hand, the whole season hasn’t been smooth-sailing for the boys; often, they have had small injuries, even forcing them to start new players in a few games. 

“I’ve been very proud of their effort and attitude facing a couple injuries during the early part of our season,” head coach Mr. Brian McKenna said. Despite the injuries Chagrin has powered through and now has had a successful season so far. The Tigers continue to move through the season, trying to find themselves and get better with every game. 

“Currently our players are trying to determine the best roles for them and that’ll make us as successful as we can be especially for the postseason,” said Mr. McKenna. Being prepared for the postseason is a main goal for this young team and moving forward, getting far in the postseason is on everyone’s minds. Even though the team is off to a little bit of a slow start, head coach Mr. McKenna is still thrilled with the performance of the team. 

“It’s been terrific to see the progression from freshman year to today; that is when I came over to the boys side. I’m also proud to see the juniors welcoming the younger players into the program and including them into the traditions of Chagrin boys soccer,” said Mr. McKenna.