CFHS Takes on An Early Homecoming


CFHS will hold the annual Homecoming dance early in the commons, on Saturday, Sept. 14, after formerly having it in October for the past several years.

The dance is set up and decorated by the CFHS student council. It allows the student body to promote the spirit and create memories for the future.

Student council senior officer, Sasha Haines, said that the date change was mostly due to the administration’s decision.

“Homecoming is earlier this year because it worked out better on the schedule,” stated Haines.

The change in the date is confusing for many students, however, some are thrilled about it.

There are differing opinions from the student body, ranging from supportive thoughts to negative outlooks, however, Junior Owen McClintock feels excited and positive about the new date change.

“I’m glad Homecoming is starting early this year because it gives me something to look forward to and kicks off the school year right,” McClintock said. 

He emphasized how everyone still remains in their summer mindsets and are not fully adjusted to their regular school routines.

In addition to the advantages of an early Homecoming, McClintock said there are weaknesses. 

“In the past, I have faced difficulty in planning where to take pictures and where to have dinner,” McClintock said. “Usually people do not agree on where they want to have dinner, which leads to difficulty in planning.”

He explained how many students and groups have trouble finding locations for dinner and taking pictures.

Over the last few years, the annual dance has been held in the same area. McClintock wondered why Homecoming is always located in the commons.

“The dance is in the commons because the gym usually isn’t available this time of year,” Haines responded.

She stated that the gym is typically taken for the most part, and not given many opportunities for change, regarding the location of the dance.

“I would like for the dance to be located in the gym because it has much more room than the commons, and it’s not nearly as hot or cramped as the commons has been in the past,” McClintock said.

McClintock said that he thinks the dance should not be located in the commons and be in the gym instead. He indicated that there is not much room and it can quickly become sweltering.

In addition to McClintock’s attitude and views about Homecoming, senior Simone Zingales believes the early date is helpful and convenient.

“It gets everything out of the way before seniors have to start submitting college applications, which typically happens at the end of October and early November,” Zingales said.

She elaborated on McClintock’s standpoint about the dance being held in early September and highlights how it’s beneficial, especially for seniors.

While being in the final year of high school, all seniors stress about college, however, this is the students’ last Homecoming dance as a class.

In preparation for the dance, Haines has worked hard with the rest of the CFHS student council in order to make it exciting for the student body.

“Homecoming brings everyone together,” Haines stated.