Bombs away for Chagrin vs Kenston game


This Friday, the Chagrin Falls High School football team will take on the reigning state champions, the Kenston Bombers. This matchup has been an ongoing rivalry between the two schools for the past fourteen years. 

“This game is so intense but also so much fun. Being able to play them year after year always gets me excited,” starting quarterback junior Dawson Pierce said. 

Pierce played for the team all three years of high school. 

Head Coach Mr. Mark Iammarino agreed with Pierce’s comments on the Bombers.

“This team is a rough team to play. Not only are they rivals but [they] are an incredible team as well. We have been prepping all week for this game,” Coach Iammarino said. 

The team has grown immensely over the summer and fall, not just playing-wise but connection-wise. 

New addition to the team junior Grady Ziegler, felt like a part of the team from the first workout of the summer. 

“Everyone welcomed me, and by the end of the summer, we couldn’t have been closer,” Ziegler stated. 

  Coach Iammarino said the bond between the upperclassmen and underclassmen has never been closer 

“The leadership from the seniors is incredible and the support that the whole team brings on one another. The overall playing experience of the team has brought everyone closer together,” Iammarino stated. 

Ziegler and Pierce agreed with Coach Iammarino’s statements about the team and how the seniors have stepped up to bring the team closer together. In addition to the growing relationship within the team, there is much excitement for this Fridays game. 

“This game is always so nerve-racking, yet so exciting. The student section is the best part and helps the team get pumped up,” Pierce said.

Coach Iammarino is excited to play this team once again, as he has been the coach for the football team the last 25 seasons. He is one win away from the most wins in Chagrin football history. 

“It is a big deal for this to happen, but not for me. I want this win for the team, the school, the community. Being able to bring home a win for the team is all I want,” Iammarino says.