Joelle Kristoff “Dazzles” Her Way to the Top


On April 30, Junior Joelle Kristoff was nominated for the Dazzle Awards for her performance as Ariel Moore in “Footloose”.

Each year, Playhouse Square grants Dazzle Awards to Northeast Ohio high school musical theater students to honor excellence in acting. Kristoff, along with six other Northeast Ohio high schoolers, are in contention for the award.

CFHS theatre director Mr. Bachofsky, recognizes how hard Kristoff works.

“I hope people realize what a big deal this is for our school and theater program. I have watched Joelle become more confident in herself as a person and an artist. She sets high expectations for herself and those around her, which has helped her become a fiercely talented performer,” Bachofsky said

More importantly, Mr. Bachofsky noted she is coachable, never stops learning, and understands the importance of remaining grounded and humble. She acts as a supporter and leader for her peers and the productions she is in.

“Our students have an insane amount of dedication and passion for the arts, and I wish even more kids in our school understood the amount of hard work that our performing artists put into their craft,” Bachofsky said

Junior Ella Murray was in the production “Footloose” with Joelle.

“It was so much fun working with everyone. Throughout ‘Footloose’, we all grew together to accomplish our goal of putting on an amazing show,” Murray said.
More importantly, Murray understands how hard Kristoff works.

“Joelle portrayed Ariel so well, letting the character come to life for the audience to enjoy. I am so happy for her too,” Murray said.

The Dazzle Awards are new to Chagrin after CFHS principal Ms. Asher talked to Mr. Bachofsky about it.

“I knew it would be a good push for us as artists to really work on polishing our production even more. I appreciate that the Dazzle Awards act as a venue that celebrates, supports, and advocates for the arts in the Northeast Ohio region and gives performing artists the recognition they deserve,” Bachofsky noted.

In essence, Kristoff had no idea she would be even close to accepting this award.

“I went into the show completely convinced that I wasn’t going to be nominated at all,” Kristoff said.

With all of the evident hard work Kristoff puts into the arts, it was no surprise she would be chosen.

“It is super selective but I just want to do what I love for as long as I can. I’m so honored to be nominated and honestly just being nominated is a win for me so I am super excited,” Kristoff said.

The winner of the Dazzle Award Best Actress and Best Actor will receive an all expense paid trip to New York City, where they will represent Playhouse Square at the Jimmy Awards in June of 2019.

Photo by Elle Moore