Cum Laude Ceremony


On April 23, 36 Chagrin Falls High School seniors along with their parents took part in the Cum Laude ceremony held at the Performing Arts Center.

Cum Laude is among the oldest academic honor organizations for high school students in the country. It was organized in 1906 by Dr. Abram W. Harris, Director of the Tome School of Maryland. Since then, Cum Laude has been awarded to up to the top 20% of the senior class. Cum Laude took the place of National Honor Society award about ten years ago at Chagrin Falls High School.

Among the 36 seniors, senior Ben Reider was apart of the ceremony.

“It feels like an honor because to stand there with the people I stood up there with, it made an equal with the other people up there, and also I felt privileged,” senior Reider said.

Reider, along with 35 other seniors, received the honor.

Those who won the award found out from Mrs. Salyers, who oversees the ceremony each year.

Catherine Coffey was also a recipient of the Cum Laude award.  

I previously had no idea that I was going to win Cum Laude until I received the email which only added to the excitement of winning the award,” Coffey said.

Coffey and Rieder both exemplify the three core values of Cum Laude: Arete, Dike, and Time.

Arete means excellence and moral goodness, in essence, living up to the full potential. Dike refers to the concept of justice. Lastly, time is being true to what is right, hence  conducting oneself with honor.

On another note, after the ceremony, eleven upcoming Ohio State freshman all took a “squad” picture and got coffee together. Chagrin Falls is big on freedom with respect and responsibility and seniors exemplify it well.

“[What makes this award such an honor is] Probably knowing I was going to go be with these people to college next year. All of the OSU people took pictures and then we got coffee after,” Reider said.

Cum Laude is a great honor for all the seniors who receive the award.

Senior Avery Houston understands how much this award honors those who put school first.

“I am proud to be a part of this society because it recognizes people who put school first,” Houston said.

Underclassmen have a lot to work for during four years of high school, but knowing that your hard work will pay off adds excitement and goal setting.

“My biggest piece of advice: come to school and genuinely put in effort. Try your hardest,” Reider said.