Its April: End of Course Exam Time


During the weeks of April 15-April 30, ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders will be taking the End of Course Exams at the high school.

The Ohio Department of Education requires students to take tests as means to demonstrate achievement and meet the requirements for graduation. The subjects are English 1 and 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and Biology are tested.

Freshman Ryan Castelluccio understands that similarly to many of the state tests students take, this particular test should not be anything new.

“My teachers have prepared me very well for the upcoming test. I’ve taken a lot of standardized tests so I am sure this won’t be anything new for many people,” Castelluccio said.

Although students have to take state tests in middle school, for many freshmen, this will be their first time taking the End of Course exam. In order to graduate, students must accumulate 18 credit points through these End of Course exam

For some, taking the test may be easy, but for others, taking standardized tests can be a daunting idea. Sophomore Abby Alberts realizes that the tests can be an anxiety-driven experience.

“[These standardized tests] cause so much stress, sleep deprivation, and anxiety to everyone, including myself,” Alberts said.

Even more so, students who take AP classes also have to take state tests, causing little preparation time in class.

“ I don’t think I need to take an AP test and an End of Course exam, in addition to day to day tests; it’s too much,” emphasized Alberts.

For students in Advanced Placement courses, the End of Course exam just adds more stress from the already stressful enough course.

Even though the state of Ohio requires certain AP students to take the End of Course exam, the stress and anxiety the test brings is prevalent to many.

“I don’t see what added stress and test preparation does to improve me as a student. Overall, Chagrin is known for good academics but I feel there are way too many state tests,” sophomore Jack Ferenczy said.

Along with certain sophomores, Ferenczy have to take four state tests throughout these next few weeks, adding to their opinion on state tests.

While there is no way of getting around these state tests, teachers have prepared students all year long for the EOC.

“In English class, we’ve taken practice tests and practice essays. While doing so, it just puts me at ease a little bit knowing that I do know the information that is being tested, it’s just a matter of not stressing myself out,” Castelluccio said.

The teachers at CFHS have done an excellent job this school year preparing students to take the tests and it shows each year when students and teachers receive the results.

While not all students at the high school have to take the End of Course exams, AP review sessions, and other academic options will be in full effect come April 15.