Summer Entertainment Season Revs Up Early


This year, the summer entertainment season is starting a little earlier, with many tentpole franchises releasing installments as early as April 5, which sees the release of Warner Brothers’ newest DC superhero film, “Shazam!”.

The summer is typically filled with studio blockbuster films and exciting new shows for entertainment fans to enjoy, and the growth of multiple franchises have necessitated an expansion in this blockbuster season.

An avid movie fan, junior Ginny Kanzinger is looking forward to many of the summer features that are coming up this year.

I really like to watch all of the movies that come out because I have more time to see them and usually there’s a good lineup of movies,” expressed Kanzinger.

Included in this year’s packed release schedule is “Avengers: Endgame,” the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this film expected to be among the last to include many of the original heroes, anticipation is higher than ever.

The first MCU movie that I saw was ‘Avengers’ in theaters with my dad in 2012, [which was] when I was 10,” continued Kanzinger.

This deep history is one that many share when it comes to the MCU, as the films have been building on one another since “Iron Man” in 2008.

With such a storied and extensive past, the Marvel films have provided plenty of material for speculation as to what might be in store for heroes like Captain America and Thor in the new movie. In fact, junior Drew Zimmer shared some of his thoughts on the possible fates of many fan-favorite characters.

Both Tony [Stark] and Steve [Rogers] die, Thor lives, Thor kills Thanos, they bring back the ‘dead’ avengers in some way,” listed Zimmer.

While many of these speculations are purely guesses, some fans have been using their knowledge of other Marvel properties to make their predictions. Well-versed movie view Mr. Stuart, a member of the Chagrin Falls High School English department, has lots of background with these properties.

“I have really enjoyed the MCU in general. I have seen all the Marvel stuff even some of the Netflix shows and ‘Runaways’ on Hulu. My friend from high school created ‘Runaways’, and although I haven’t talked to him in 14 years, it’s pretty cool to see his work becoming successful on TV,” said Stuart.

Stuart’s extensive knowledge lends itself extremely well to preparing him for big films like “Endgame.”

“I have been a connoisseur of comic books and science fiction movies forever. I collected comic books as a kid. I loved the cartoon ‘Spiderman and his Amazing Friends’, when I was a kid.  I loved ‘Superfriends’. I loved the Superman and Batman movies in the 1980s. I even liked the movie ‘The Crow,’” he elaborated.

While Stuart does have an extensive history with Marvel stories, he emphasized the other significance Marvel films hold.

“I love movies whether they be crazy superhero movies or realistic dramas because of how they can be meaningful in how they make us examine our own strengths and weakness, in how they can make us relate to each other, or in how they can make us see our own personal challenges in a new light.  When Hulk is smashing Loki but he’s also smashing his own self-loathing and inner demons (Loki is trying to belittle him), it is satisfying for me to think I can do that too. It’s both cool to watch and interesting to think about,”described Stuart.

However, the upcoming Marvel film is not the only major property that has fans excited this summer.

“As of now I can’t decide between ‘Avengers’ and ‘Game of Thrones’; I love both and I honestly couldn’t choose,” stated Zimmer, bringing up another major franchise that’s premiering new content.

While “Game of Thrones” fans have less to go on in terms of speculation, with the book series on which it is based now being several storylines behind the show, Zimmer still has lots of ideas as to where the final season of the hit show may be heading.

“[I think] either Jon Snow or Daenerys dies in battle with the White Walkers, and the other challenges Cersei for the throne,” he guessed. Elaborating further, he described his hope that “Cersei dies in ‘Game of Thrones’ and that [her brother] Jaimie lives and realizes how manipulated by her he was.”

Even deeper in the realm of TV, many fans of the Netflix original “Stranger Things” have a lot to look forward to this summer.

“I want ‘Stranger Things’ to deal with maturing.  The kids are becoming teenagers and I want the elements that were in teenager movies when I was a kid to be given the same treatment the science fiction and fantasy movies from my childhood were given in the first two seasons. As a teacher I really hope they tackle this in the brilliant way they’ve been dealing with childhood and its problems,” described Stuart.

While “Stranger Things” is not necessarily considered as big of a tentpole as some of the other summer blockbusters, many entertainment experts still hold lots of anticipation for the new season.

In fact, when asked if he could only watch one thing this summer, Stuart stated he would choose “‘Stranger Things: Season 3’ because my whole family watches it together and we all love the show.”

Overall, entertainment fans can rest assured that they will be very busy this summer between releases like “Avengers” and “Game of Thrones” and later summer features like “Toy Story 4” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

“The year always starts off super slow with some pretty awful films so I look forward to spring and summer to see some good movies,” Zimmer concluded, perfectly encapsulating the anticipation building for the season.