Students explore Spain over spring break

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Students explore Spain over spring break

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On March 23, ten CFHS students, accompanied by Señora Stone and Señora Fetterman, departed for an eight-day spring break trip to Spain.
Students were paired in groups of two with a host family for the week. The school worked with Centro Mundolengua, a program in Spain designed for cultural education. Students took classes every morning, and then experienced the Spanish culture through various activities.
Sophomore Lily Weinberger, who attended the trip, was pleased with the activities that she experienced.
“I loved the types of activities we got to participate in, such as riding bikes down the coast of a large river, and going to the baths, which is a type of spa,” Weinberger explained.
Weinberger described the salt baths as freezing, but the steaming hot baths were relaxing.
Additionally, Weinberger described the differences in the culture compared the United State’s culture.
“Everyone walks everywhere because the streets are so small,” Weinberger explained. “People value the time and energy they put into going somewhere. They value time with family over time working.”
She further explained that the Spanish culture practices Sobre Mesa, which means that you don’t eat dinner just to eat food and be full; you eat dinner to share time with your family and talk.
Furthermore, Weinberger expresses that she feels like this experience has helped her perspective of the language, as well as her future.
“My Spanish vocabulary is way more expanded now that I had a chance to live with a Spanish speaker and their family, since I was able to communicate with people who only knew the Spanish language,” Weinberger stated. “I was pretty interested in Spanish culture before the trip, but now I am looking into majoring or minoring in Spanish in college.” She is now possibly considering going into a career that includes the Spanish language.
Spanish teacher Señora Stone explains that since she used to live in Spain, there was nothing extremely new for her. However, she was able to try new food and was able to notice some accent changes.
“The accents are different in Sevilla which made it interesting to talk to people there. Besides that, I was able to pick up little things about the history and culture from our guide when we were there,” Señora Stone said.
In addition to classes and activities, students took a day trip to Granada and Córdoba.
“During the day trip to Córdoba, we were able to go to a very famous mosque, which is now a cathedral. We also went to Granada to see the Alhambra Palace,” Senora Stone explained.
Señora Stone also stated that five or six current juniors will travel to Spain over the summer in preparation for AP Spanish their senior year. However, that trip is not directly correlated to Chagrin, and there will be no chaperones.
Sophomore Dena Mossad was in awe of the overall culture the Spanish culture had to offer.
“The people there are all so friendly and alive! The streets are always full of people walking around and going to cafés,” Mossad stated.
Mossad has considered going back for a while in college, possibly to study abroad.
“I would definitely recommend anyone with even the slightest interest to go on this trip. People are able to get so much closer to the people they go with even if they weren’t friends at all before and people can learn a lot about a very interesting country,” Mossad said.

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