Car of the Month: Paul Gordos’ 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport


“Car of the Month” has returned in April to highlight some of the finest automobiles here at Chagrin Falls High School.

This month’s car of the month is awarded to junior Paul Gordos and his luxurious 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

“I am excited to be picked for this,” Gordos said. “People can finally see the exciting qualities of my car,” Gordos said.

Gordos has driven this car for about two years, starting as soon as he received his temporary license.

“I have been driving this car since I got my temps in 2017. It was my Dad’s old car,” Gordos said. “It was a well-run vehicle when I started driving it,” Gordos finished.

The 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport has a rustic feel to it, decorated in a matte gray paint job, new tires, and lengthy amount of miles on it.

“The car has about 207,000 miles on it, as well as only one working speaker,” Gordos said. “The car has been through a lot, and faulty repairs have made the vehicle run less effectively, but it gets the job done,” Gordos finished.

During the winter, Gordos is not a fan of driving this innovative driving machine.

“I don’t like driving it in the winter because the fans are inconsistent,” Gordos said. “As for driving, it’s alright. My dad put in bags on sand and salt to increase the weight of the vehicle so it does not slide,” Gordos finished.  

While Gordos does not enjoy driving this in the winter, his younger brother, Ben, enjoys riding alongside his brother in the winter a lot.

“When Paul slides while driving, it’s a lot of fun,” Ben said. “We’ve had some close calls, but I enjoy riding in it,” Gordos finished.

Ben, a freshman at Chagrin Falls High School, enjoys riding in his brothers Jeep Cherokee.

“The Jeep has a legendary status that you can’t replace,” Ben said. “Riding in this car everyday is a joy. You never know if the heat will work, but the radio provides solid music. All around, it is a solid ride,” Ben finished.

Aside from the high praise, the luxurious inside of the car provides for a lineup of people waiting to ride in it.

Junior Josh Brady enjoys Jeep Cherokee Sport as well.

“It’s nice,” Brady said. “It drives, it has a roof, and a speaker,” Brady finished.

Overall, this car is a staple in Gordos’ character and provides for an amazing boost to Gordos’ fashion.