Footloose kicked off with great reviews


Footloose, the 2019 Chagrin Falls Musical, had everyone dancing as the show kicked off this past weekend. People loved the musical and the witty humor involved. Sophomore Ella Deuberry found it was one of the best shows she had seen so far.

“I really loved it; it was incredible music and really cool to see my friends on the stage performing,” Deuberry said.

She also enjoyed the dancing and thought it perfectly portrayed the movie. Sophomore Jamie Dustin agreed with Deuberry’s statements.

“I loved the characters. All of the different personalities being present on the stage made watching the show even more entertaining,” Dustin said.

Dustin really enjoyed the character Willert, played by junior Eli Shall, and his sense of humor that brought the stage to life.

While all the characters individually were a huge hit, one really stuck out to freshman Ellie Moran.

“Rusty was a really cool character. She had so much confidence yet found herself shy around Willert. It was so cute,” Moran said.

Most of the audience really enjoyed the “relationship” between Rusty and Willert. Their personalities clashed and the audience never stopped laughing. Although the show was a hit, there were some issues that stuck out to Dustin.

“I wish some more details were brought into the musical, [like] things that I have seen in the movie. I just wanted something more,” Dustin said.

Dustin did enjoy the production and loved the music involved, and Deuberry really enjoyed how the music helped the plot move along.

“My favorite part was probably the music. It was beautifully performed, especially junior Ella Murray’s solo in the diner,” Deuberry said.

She also enjoyed watching senior Luke Rathbone sing and his presence in the show. Moran hopes for more performances like this.

“I hope more shows are like this, the humor involved was great. Hopefully, the people who participated this year will continue and make the shows in the future epic,” Moran said.