Jonas Brothers’ New Music “Burnin’ Up” Charts

Jonas Brothers’ New Music “Burnin’ Up” Charts

On Friday, February 28, the Jonas Brother released their first single since their 2013 album “LiVe.”

The new single, “Sucker”, marked their reunification after a six-year hiatus that saw members Nick and Joe developing successful solo careers while oldest brother Kevin pursued a family life.

When the Jonas Brothers were originally popular, I loved them. I watched ‘Camp Rock’ daily and had their music on a CD in my room,” described junior Ashley Jones.

Many high school students like Jones will also likely recognize the band from their days with Disney, where they starred in the “Camp Rock” movie series and produced several albums throughout the mid-2000s.

While many students mirrored Jones’ excitement about the band’s big return, others, including junior Sophee Newbauer, were skeptical of the new sound.

I am very much not a fan [of the new song]. It feels to me like they’re just trying to fit in with what popular music today sounds like, and I don’t think that fits their vibe very well,” Newbauer stated.

While Newbauer may not have enjoyed the song itself, she had previously been a fan of the band.

I remember listening to the Jonas Brothers music mainly in third grade, probably a little in second,” she recalled. “My favorite song by them is ‘Lovebug’.”

It seems clear that while former enthusiasts retain fond memories of Jonas brothers music, the new song was extremely divisive for previous fans and new listeners alike.

“I’m thinking [I would rate it] like a 4 or 5; it’s not really my style at all,” said junior Cece Cox, another former Jonas Brothers supporter.

Despite the many uncertainties surrounding fan opinions on the new song, music enthusiasts are excited to see what’s in store for the future now that the band has officially reunited.

“I am looking forward to hearing the Jonas Brothers’ new music because I like to hear how they have changed throughout the years,” mused Jones about the upcoming album.

However, many listeners still have some hesitations when it comes to continuing to follow new releases.

For example, Newbauer said that her attention to the band will be “Depending on how they continue their music. I would like to hear them play music that is more ‘them.’ If not, then no, I won’t be looking forward to [the new music].”

Overall, while students weren’t overwhelmingly excited about the childhood favorite band’s big comeback single, they agreed that there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Jonas Brothers.

“I’m not as much excited for hearing their new stuff since I wasn’t a huge fan of ‘Sucker’, but I’m more excited to hear their old songs performed again,” summarized Cox, perfectly encapsulating the high potential for the group.