Juniors take on the SAT


On Wednesday, March 6, the juniors of Chagrin Falls High School had the opportunity to take the SAT in order for colleges to make admission decisions.

“The SAT allows colleges to be to tell how successful a student will be. It was created by the college board so it is a very massive thing among all students all across the world,” CFHS Guidance Counselor Ms.Kover said.

With the rise of college decisions, Ms. Kover made it clear that colleges often look for the SAT for a student’s achievements.

Along with this, she felt that every student takes the SAT or the ACT based on their preference in style.

“Students who took the PSAT will usually be able to have an understanding of what exactly the SAT will do for them. Sometimes students feel different on whether or not they like the format of the SAT or the ACT as well,” she said.

Although Ms. Kover revealed that students can take either test, she highly encourages students to take both because it allows for admissions to view more information.

Additionally, Ms. Kover recommended that juniors prepare for their tests in order to feel more confident with their scores.

“Students can use their PSAT scores and link them with Khan Academy which is a free, personalized practice. They take the results and give specific questions that the student may need to work on,” she said.

Along with the help of Khan Academy, Ms. Kover had numerous ideas for students to receive help such as attending the SAT prep Tiger Time or looking into tutoring.

In addition, Ms. Kover had some advice for students that felt especially nervous for the SAT.

“I would encourage everyone to do the best that they can do. However, it is not the end of the world if a student has a bad test-taking day because there are plenty of opportunities to take it again,” she said.

Overall, she made the impression that students shouldn’t feel so worried about the test, yet they should strive to do well.

With Ms. Kover giving suggestions to students who were nervous, junior Hanne Wilson shared her thoughts on the SAT as a whole.

“I felt nervous about taking the SAT, but I think that all we could do is just give as much effort as we could. I’m sure that everyone did great,” she said.

With nerves taking over before the SAT, Wilson still remained calm and believed that she did well on the test.

Moreover, Wilson believed that most students would excel based on CFHS’s determination for success.

“We generally have a good understanding of mental math as well as our background of nonfiction reading and grammar practice which is most of the test,” she said.

Overall, Wilson felt that CFHS has prepared students very well for both the SAT and the ACT.

Lastly, junior Emma Helkey was confident that all the juniors would do well, too.

“No matter how anyone feels before or after the test, I know that all of us will do great and grow up to become successful role models,” she said.