CFHS Produces State Quality Speech and Debaters


Juniors Eli Shall and Mikey King placed second in the state finals in duo interpretation at Jackson High School on March 2.

Additionally, Chagrin placed top 10 among the 90-plus attending schools in various categories and received an award for this at the state award ceremony.

Other notable performances included seniors Margaux Augier and Livi Andresen who were semifinalists in duo interpretation and finished top 12 in the state. Also, juniors Mary Mahoney and Claire Lordan finished top 24 in duo interpretation in the state. In addition, junior Molly Miller placed in the top 12 in original oratory. Finally, juniors Maggie Mills and Sasha Haines finished in the top 24 in Public Forum Debate.

It is extremely rewarding whether it is having a team place second at states or having students get the top rank in a round for the first time. It is great to see how students develop and become more confident speakers and better critical thinkers not just in the span of one season but throughout their high school careers,” said Speech and Debate assistant coach Ms. Midlik.

The thrill of competition is what it’s all about for Speech and Debaters.

“I love competing. It’s wild. I usually try to make the crowd laugh, get the energy up to make sure that they were into what we were performing,” said junior competitor Mikey King.

King spends a long time preparing before a competition.

“It can be very competitive and tense during preparations and seem a little chaotic at times, but my favorite part of tournaments is how all of the competitors support each other. Even after going up against each other students will congratulate each other for a great performance. In addition, students will support their friends even from other schools. There were several times this season when I remember our kids getting excited for one of their friends placing well at a tournament even though they didn’t go to the same school and in some cases may have even beat them. It’s a great environment to be a part of,” said Ms. Midlik.